Meet Jane – “My skin feels better and fresher… it makes me feel confident about what I’m doing and who I’m meeting”

With a healthy active lifestyle, 3 small children and a job in real estate… Jane’s Daily Moisturiser is helping to simplify her skincare routine, while still leaving her skin looking fresh and well hydrated… even on those ‘1 minute to do my makeup’ days. This is Jane’s story… “My mum used to be in the […]

The 5 Most Helpful Foods for Calming Rosacea Prone Skin

There’s still a lot to learn about rosacea and how food can play a supportive role for this confusing and frustrating condition… But, by eating a well balanced diet that includes: A variety of colourful, anti-inflammatory fruit and vegetables Healthy fats Proteins Prebiotic and probiotic foods You can give your skin a good foundation to […]

How Hay Fever Can Cause Itchy Rashy Skin and What You Can Do About It

Spring is my favourite time of year! The fruit trees blossom, daffodils come up, baby animals abound… …and everything feels fresh and new. Spring is also prime hay fever season. Sneezing, runny noses, watering eyes, puffy faces and in some lucky cases itchy, rash skin A surprising number of us suffer with hay fever at […]

Rosacea – Causes, Triggers & What You Can Do About It

Having ‘rosy cheeks’ is a symptom of rosacea… but not all rosy cheeks (or diffuse redness) is rosacea. Rosacea and diffuse redness are skin conditions that have similarities… …and also important differences. Diffuse redness is commonly mistaken for rosacea (which is why a diagnosis is important) WHAT IS ‘DIFFUSE REDNESS’? Diffuse redness is often referred to as […]

Meet Lina – “I wanted to simplify my skincare, reduce suspicious chemicals, but still get glowing skin”

Lina had an 8-step complicated skincare regime complete with active ingredients to keep her oily prone skin in check. Now she’s down to 2-3 easy steps and getting all the results she wanted when using ‘all those’ products. Her skin is healthy looking, plump and hydrated, without all the skincare actives. This is Lina’s story…  […]

Meet Janette – “I wanted something that could last the distance… now I don’t get that ‘tight’ feeling after the pool and sauna”

An active lifestyle see’s Janette in the pool and sauna most days, which left her skin feeling ‘tight’ …and left her looking for a moisturiser that would ‘go the distance’… Janette’s Soothing Baby Cream is now keeping her skin soft and hydrated with no more ‘tightness’   This is Janette’s story… “I teach 15 classes […]

Meet Melissa -“Despite using hand sanitiser up to 40 times a day, my hands remain soft and smooth”

Working longer hours in health care during COVID-19, Melissa’s Daily Moisturiser is helping to balance her combination skin and oily breakouts AND keep her hands soft and supple in the face of constant hand sanitising.  This is Melissa’s story… “I have a mixture of dry and oily skin on my face. Before trying the Ecology […]

Meet Siobhan – “I am a curious soul and an experimenter so when I found your range of skin care I had to indulge…”

Siobhan grew up with the belief that looking after your skin is important, which is why she shares her Ecology Skincare with her teenage daughter in helping with her hormonal breakouts.  This is Siobhan’s story… “I am a curious soul and an experimenter so when I found your range of skin care I had to […]

Meet Deirdre – “As I became older and menopausal, my foundation was starting to look cakey… now my skin is soft and hydrated”

The perfect compliment to her low-tox lifestyle, Deirdre’s Rejuvenating Cream is helping to soften and hydrate her skin, so her makeup now glides on without looking ‘cakey’ or having fine lines ‘stand out’ …and having her photo taken is now no problem at all. This is Deirdre’s story… “As I became older and menopausal I […]

The Ultimate Guide to Omega-3’s + 6’s for Healthy Skin (Fish Oil +)

In this Ultimate Guide, I want to give you the tools to choose between omega supplements …with the knowledge that one might be more helpful initially and another might be more for ongoing support. But first, lets take a look at inflammation and our skin, so we can understand why anti-inflammatory omega’s might be helpful […]

The 5 Best Supplements for Hydrating Dry Skin from the Inside Out

In our last blog post, we talked about 7 of the best nutrients that can help nourish dry skin and to help keep skin soft and supple from the inside out… (If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here: The 7 Best Nutrients for Dry Skin) Ideally our first preference would be […]

Meet Jo – “The dry flaky patches have now gone since I’ve been using the Revitalising Cream …so I’m sticking with Ecology”

After trying a lot of expensive ‘name brands’ to help soothe hormonally-driven itchy, flaky patches on her face, Jo’s Revitalising Cream and Konjac Sponge are now helping to keep her skin, soft and supple…  …and after years of using ‘the whole gamut of everything’ when it comes to skincare products, Jo’s really liking the simplicity of […]