Meet Cathy – “I’ve had this skin hyper-sensitivity most of my life, so when I say nothing’s ever worked like this it’s no exaggeration”

Cathy prefers clean, organic skincare for her hyper-reactive skin …but strong medication and an extra dry winter made her skin even more reactive than usual …it even had her wearing organic makeup to cover up her blistered skin.  A recommendation for her granddaughter saw Cathy trialling our Soothing Baby Cream and she’s been amazed at […]

Meet Marie – “my skin feels softer and – while the wrinkles are definitely still there – I would like to think that they are not so deep…”

What retiree Marie puts on her skin is just as important to her as what she eats… Marie likes a simple skincare routine and her Rejuvenating Cream fits in perfectly – it’s softening her skin compared to other moisturisers and she thinks it’s also softening the look of her fine lines. Here’s Marie’s story… “I’m […]

Meet Leslee – “I hated that I was always getting pimples at my age… now my skin is a lot freer from acne and is lovely and soft”

60 year old Leslee was fed up that she was still getting pimples ‘at her age’ …so she decided to give our Ecology Moisturisers a go. After trying a few to find her favourites, Leslee is feeling so much better now that her skin is clearer and she doesn’t have to worry about going ‘makeup free’ Here’s […]

Meet Hayley – “About 10 years ago my skin suddenly became really sensitive… now my skin is really soft and a lot calmer”

Hayley had tried all sorts of natural products for her dry and sensitive skin, but nothing really soothed her red and blotchy skin until she came across Ecology Skincare. Now Hayley’s Replenishing Cream is helping to keep her skin soft and calm, which helps her feel happier in her own skin. Here’s Hayley’s story… “About […]

Meet Rebecca – “My skin has been dull and spotty in the past… now my skin is almost always clear, glowing and feels smooth and soft all day”

Rebecca was frustrated with the skincare products she’d tried with her combination, breakout prone skin… until she found our Revitalising Cream and Facial Konjac Sponge. These are now a favourite with both her and her family to keep skin clear and soft all day long… leaving Rebecca feeling more confident and in control of both […]

Meet Ann – “My skin stays hydrated & the ‘barnacles’ are gradually disappearing”

With an active outdoor lifestyle, sunscreen and moisturiser are a necessity – and skin ‘barnacles’ are unwelcome… Ann’s Replenishing Cream is helping to keep her skin soft and hydrated and is gradually reducing the look of her dry, raised skin ‘barnacles’ …without breaking the bank This is Ann’s story… “I have reached the mature age […]

Meet Bonnie – “Usually as the weather gets colder, my skin becomes dry, red and sensitive… I am happy to report that so far, that isn’t the case”

In the winter, Bonnie’s rosacea prone skin is usually more dry, red and sensitive… but this year Bonnie’s Ecology Creams are keeping her skin soft and reducing the redness in her cheeks. As a makeup artist Bonnie used to wear a lot of makeup… but now she embraces her youthful-looking ‘rosy’ cheeks and prefers to […]

Meet Jenny – “I wasn’t sure if my fine lines were improved until I looked back at some photos from last year. Wow there is a difference”

Jenny’s simple skincare routine matches her lifestyle perfectly. While caravanning around Australia, Jenny’s Rejuvenating Cream is keeping her skin soft and smooth without ever feeling tight or dry… even though she’s living out under the harsh Australian sun. Here’s Jenny’s story… “I am retired and have been travelling around our beautiful country in my caravan for […]

Meet Grace – “I can not believe the visible difference…I have less fine lines around my eyes and plumper skin”

Grace told me she has ‘good skin for her age’ (and she does!)… but like many of us, she’s looking for every possible advantage 😉  So she decided to run a ‘side-by-side test’… Every morning after her shower, Grace applied her favourite ‘big brand’ anti-ageing cream to the left side of her face (as we […]

Meet Jo – “My skin definitely looks and feels the best it ever has. (Finally!)”

The perfect complement to her busy lifestyle and ‘no fuss’ skincare routine, Jo’s Rejuvenating Cream (and her assorted 10mL mini’s) are helping to soften and hydrate her dry skin on the go …leaving her feeling more comfortable in her own skin. This is Jo’s story… “I’m a 54 yr old mum of 2 little kids […]

4 Ways to ‘Eat Better’ in the New Year

Often our New Years goals will include what we eat and in some cases a new ‘diet’ We might be looking to lose some weight, clear our skin, have more energy or just feel less bleh… We can have the best of intentions, but changing everything we eat all at once, can be unrealistic. …and […]

How to Avoid Taking ‘Burn Out’ into the New Year with You

Setting ourselves up with some simple little tweaks to our lifestyle, is a great first step to help reduce the effects of stress on our mind, body and skin. By prioritising activities that reduce stress and tension, we’re giving ourselves the best chance of achieving all of our new dreams and goals for the new […]