Meet Sally – “my skin was quite dry and sun damaged…this cream is great as it’s gentle on my skin and keeps me hydrated all day/night”

The Australian sun can be harsh on our skin! Sally – a land owner who loves being out and about – is loving how her favourite Daily Moisturiser keeps her skin feeling smooth and hydrated all day long… without breakouts. Here’s Sally’s story… “I am a mum of two beautiful boys, I work full time from […]

Meet Rosslyn – “I can see the benefit in my hands, especially. They are softer and firmer and don’t look as wrinkly.”

Rosslyn’s poor dry hands bruise easily nowadays and have been extra dry with all the hand washing. But then she found our Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina and she loves that it protects her hands and helps protect her granddaughter’s skin when they’re prone to acne breakouts. Here’s Rosslyn’s story… “I hate having dry skin, […]

Meet Christine – “There wasn’t a week were my skin wasn’t struggling. Tallow is what my skin loves and doesn’t argue with”

Christine’s allergies to different flowers, vegetables and other foods had a big impact on her skin – until she turned to the carnivore diet. For someone eating mainly meat, natural fats, eggs and dairy, it wasn’t a a big leap to moisturise her skin with beef fat… and the bonus is Christine’s problem skin absolutely […]

Meet Jeanette – “I’ve tried lots of other moisturisers. My skin was so dry that it was often flaky… but not any more”

Jeanette’s careful about what she puts in her body and on her skin, but she struggled to find a moisturiser that would hydrate her dry, flaky itchy skin without repeated applications. Then she found our Rejuvenating Cream and Jeanette was able to simplify her skincare routine both at home and on-the-go.  Here’s Jeanette’s story… “I […]

Meet Lorraine – “I’d tried numerous creams over the years that promised the world, but did not really seem to work…”

Lorraine was initially skeptical about the Ecology Creams …and who can blame her? When you’ve tried so many different products on your dry and reactive skin only to have them cause redness, irritation and breakouts – it’s going to take something quite different to soften and calm dry and easily irritated skin.  But Lorraine’s so […]

Meet Sarah – “Every winter as the humidity dropped, the skin on my face and hands was starting to flake…”

Business owner Sarah needed a simple, natural, no fuss solution for when her skin would become dry and flaky in the winter. And after trying all kinds of ‘miracle’ products, Sarah loves that her Replenishing Cream and Konjac Sponge keep her skin hydrated and ‘young looking’ all year round now. Here’s Sarah’s story… “I’m a […]

Meet Zofia – “The Ecology Skincare cream really is a game changer for me”

With Zofia’s active outdoorsy lifestyle, a good moisturiser is a necessity for keeping her dry, sensitive skin calm, soft and hydrated. But she found prescription creams and even plant-oil based creams didn’t work for her dry, itchy skin – until she found our Replenishing Cream. Here’s Zofia’s story… “I love spending my free time outdoors. […]

Meet John – “…my dry, itchy, flaky skin caused by my chemotherapy treatment…now my skin feels smoother and not so red”

We often have people reach out and ask about using the Ecology Creams during or post-chemo and radiation treatments or after laser and skin cancer excisions.  We feel for anyone who’s going through this! Chemo and other cancer treatments can be really tough and they can affect the body in so many unexpected ways! …so […]

Meet Mr E – “gentle enough to use on raw skin…this product has been a godsend”

A distressed child in pain is every mum’s nightmare. Add in a genetic disorder that can prolong wound healing and it’s easy to see why Mr E’s mum panicked when she saw the red, blistered skin under his arm. Luckily Mr E’s mum had a tin of our Soothing Baby Cream in the cupboard which […]

Meet Ann – “I was never really happy with other creams… Ecology – where have you been all my life”?

A specialist told Ann that it was the oils in her facial products that were causing her eyes to become blurry during the day. This led Ann to try a lot of different creams, but she struggled to find a product that didn’t affect her eyes.  Since using our Daily Moisturiser, Ann is happy to report […]

Meet Lindy – “my skin was scaly on my legs and my feet would crack, now my skin is much more hydrated”

A change in our environment can drive a change in our skin… Lindy found this when she moved to South Australia – her skin became dehydrated, scaly and cracked. After seeing Ecology Skincare in her Facebook feed, Lindy decided to give the Ecology Creams a go and they’re keeping her skin soft and hydrated. She’s […]

Meet Cathy – “I’ve had this skin hyper-sensitivity most of my life, so when I say nothing’s ever worked like this it’s no exaggeration”

Cathy prefers clean, organic skincare for her hyper-reactive skin …but strong medication and an extra dry winter made her skin even more reactive than usual …it even had her wearing organic makeup to cover up her blistered skin.  A recommendation for her granddaughter saw Cathy trialling our Soothing Baby Cream and she’s been amazed at […]