12 Days of Self Care in the Lead up to Christmas

This year we decided to turn our 12-Days of Christmas into 12-Days of Self Care 💗… …the last months of the year can be crazy-busy and a little frantic… and you wind up thinking about everyone but yourself. Behind the scenes here at Ecology, we’re making sure everything thing flows during Christmas promo’s – all […]

Why Toxic Stress Matters and What To Do About It

Stress is something we all experience… it’s a part of everyday life. Stress can be beneficial… but if its long term or constant, stress can result in negative consequences in the body. In this post, we’ll explore some of the ways that stress can affect our brain and body… and what we can do about […]

4 Simple Strategies to Help Keep You Sane this Christmas

This time of the year is meant to be filled with joy and happiness… surrounded with those that you love. …the reality however, can be overwhelm and stress. From the pressure to catch up with everyone, the busy shopping centres, extra spending and overindulgence… to the reflection on those who are no longer with us. This […]

The Truth Behind Why You Really Need your Beauty Sleep

What are 3 little words someone can say to you that will instantly drain your energy and wipe the smile right off your face? “You look tired…” You. Look. Tired …followed by, “is everything ok?” It’s absolutely the last thing you want to hear when you’re struggling to keep your eyes open. However, when you’re […]

The Dirty Dozen Chemicals to Avoid in your Skincare

This post was originally published on the The Primal Shift. The Primal Shift is a podcast hosted by Crystal Fieldhouse and Jo Litton Click the player above to listen to this Podcast episode In today’s podcast episode we’re going to be talking low-tox skincare… because as the creator of Ecology Skincare, one of the most common […]

3 Reasons Why Skin Loves Grass-Fed Tallow (especially sensitive skin)

I thought plant-based ingredients were best for skin …right up until my skin started reacting to natural products. This was a couple of years before I launched Ecology Skincare (and the reason why I spent a year in R&D working on our first Ecology moisturisers) …I felt like I’d tried everything to either fix my […]

The Ultimate Paleo Guide to Nourishing Dry Skin with Natural Skincare

Which is why we put together this ultimate paleo guide. To help you nourish dry skin from the outside in with products that fit with your ethos. And to nourish your skin from within with paleo-friendly foods and self care practices. But first… DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE 2 TYPES OF DRY SKIN? Dry skin […]

Supercharging your Skincare Regime with the 180 Nutrition Boys

I had a chat with Guy and Stu on the 180 Nutrition Podcast about where we might be going wrong with our skin care routines and what we can do instead to simplify our skin care regime and support our skin from within. Check out the video below or listen to the episode here: We […]

Top 5 Beauty Benefits of Gelatin (#2 might surprise you!)

Why’s everyone talking about gelatin? Are you waiting for it to pass you by like so many health and beauty trends? The truth is that gelatin has been widely used for many years and is currently being rediscovered by the health and beauty community for its beauty benefits. Gelatin has been used in skin products […]