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Meet Natasha – “Ecology Skincare spoke to my needs…I feel empowered, glowy and confident in my own skin”

As a cancer survivor natural products are important to Natasha. As is approaching her skin with patience, self love and the right skincare. Add in a dry skin condition that needs extra hydration and this is where the Ecology Creams shine and leave Natasha feeling empowered, glowy and confident in her own skin. Here’s Natasha’s […]

Meet Nai – “My skin was so dry in winter… now I can feel my skin is soft and smooth all day long, no itchiness or redness”

Nai’s skin was suffering through the Australian winters… her skin became dry, itchy, flaky, red and uncomfortable and she had to reapply moisturiser multiple times through the day. Then she found our Daily Moisturiser, initially the natural ingredients appealed and now she loves that she can apply her Daily Moisturiser once in the morning and […]

Meet Inge – “My skin is getting dryer with age…more perfumed moisturisers, they used to clog up my skin, leaving it to break out”

Inge wanted to soften and smooth her dry and itchy skin, but found a lot of moisturisers were causing her skin to break out… So she was relieved to find our Revitalising Cream which is rich enough to leave her skin feeling soft and plump, but not clogged – and she’s happy with how healthy […]

Meet Kelly – from skin that’s dry and screaming out for moisturiser to feeling soft and hydrated for longer

Kelly, a busy mum of 2 needed simple, natural products that fit in with her ‘no fuss’ approach to skin care and didn’t cause redness, irritation or breakouts.  She’s so happy to have found our Ecology Creams – she finds them quick and easy to use and they leave her dry skin feeling soft and […]

Meet Alicia – “My skin majorly impacted my daily life… I feel so much more confident, I am so glad I found these products!”

Mum of 2 Alicia struggled with her breakout prone skin for years and tried many things to improve her skin with a little success… …then she found our tallow-based Daily Moisturiser and Konjac Sponge. After a little initial skepticism and a few questions, she’s now super happy with her Ecology Skincare products. Here’s Alicia’s story… […]

Meet Harriette – “My skin gets quite dry, especially when travelling to cold locations…my skin is so hydrated and glowy now”

When adventuring to cold places for skiing or coaching outdoor sports, Harriette needed a moisturiser to help soften and hydrate her dry skin, without causing breakouts.  A travel mishap meant she had to borrow a moisturiser when her luggage went missing… and she’s so glad it was an Ecology Moisturiser because she fell in love!  […]

Meet Jen – “I’ve spent years and a fortune on trying to find the perfect solution for my dry skin”

Jen had spent a lot of time and money trying to find a moisturising cream to suit her dry, ‘tired’ looking skin… so she was relieved to finally find our Daily Moisturisers. That was over 2 years ago now and Jen’s still loving how rejuvenated her skin looks and feels. Here’s Jen’s story… “I am […]

Q&A – “Do your Ecology Creams help with Sun Spots?”

One question I get asked fairly often is… “do any of your creams help with age spots..?” or “I’m looking for something to fade brown spots, would anything in your range suit..?” This is an interesting question because we didn’t specifically design the Ecology Creams to reduce the look of sun spots… but we do get feedback […]

Meet Rachael – “I have extremely sensitive skin… and I finally got to stop looking for a new moisturiser every few months”

Rachael’s a mum of 2 with extremely sensitive, reactive skin and a dry skin condition that had her looking for a new moisturiser every few months to try soothe and calm her tight, sore skin.  She was over the disappointment of continual failed products and is so relieved to have found her ‘forever’ moisturisers. Here’s […]

Meet Louise – “I don’t have face dandruff any more, hardly any breakouts and my skin isn’t tight and itchy.”

Retiree Louise was struggling with rosacea and dry, itchy skin until she found our Soothing Baby Cream. Now she has calm, clear skin and feels confident enough to leave the house with just sunscreen. Here’s Louise’s story… “I’m 65 and retired from my science based work. I’m passionate about doing what we can to care […]

Meet Sally – “my skin was quite dry and sun damaged…this cream is great as it’s gentle on my skin and keeps me hydrated all day/night”

The Australian sun can be harsh on our skin! Sally – a land owner who loves being out and about – is loving how her favourite Daily Moisturiser keeps her skin feeling smooth and hydrated all day long… without breakouts. Here’s Sally’s story… “I am a mum of two beautiful boys, I work full time from […]

Meet Rosslyn – “I can see the benefit in my hands, especially. They are softer and firmer and don’t look as wrinkly.”

Rosslyn’s poor dry hands bruise easily nowadays and have been extra dry with all the hand washing. But then she found our Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina and she loves that it protects her hands and helps protect her granddaughter’s skin when they’re prone to acne breakouts. Here’s Rosslyn’s story… “I hate having dry skin, […]