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Why everyone’s loving the Ecology Moisturisers…

Compare the difference Ecology made to this customers right hand only half an hour after applying. Left hand: No Ecology Moisturiser

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There are 6 different Ecology Moisturisers to choose from…

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What makes these Ecology Moisturisers
so very different to anything else you've tried?

It's our Hero Ingredient...


Grass-fed Tallow is like emu oil...but it comes from healthy grass fed cows
A by-product of the Australian organic food industry,
this ingredient is incredibly ethical and sustainable

  • Closely mimics fats and oils found naturally in healthy, youthful skin
  • Deeply nourishing for dry skin
  • Softens and smooths appearance of fine lines
  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, & K
  • Balanced in Omega 3's and 6's
  • Non-greasy, unlike coconut oil
  • Leaves skin looking hydrated and feeling silky smooth

Here's what people are saying:

"...just the process of putting it on my skin, I just love and my skin just seems to drink it up! It just feels gorgeous ...and my skin just seems to love it... So I can't speak highly enough of the products, I love them"

~ Bridget Wood, Nourishing the Mother

“...I wondered if I could put it on my skin and if that would help?
And I did, it helped it go away and now I have rash-free arms! I Love it!
It's for babies but not only, it's for me too" 

~ Carla Papas, Merrymaker Sister

"My skin has been amazing since using it. It's part of my morning sensuality routine, really just integrating myself in my body and skin. And I just feel shiny afterwards.
So, I love it"

~ Julie Tenner, Nourishing the Mother 

"...you only need to use a little bit, which I find is really great as well. So, it goes a long way. Put that on at night, and then when I wake up my skin is smooth, and soft, and silky. It's amazing. And I also use it on my feet as well, especially when I've got heels on, you get the dry, yucky bits on your feet, the ball of your feet, on your heels."

~ Bibi Lafluer, entreprenuer

“I have a 5-year-old who has really extreme eczema, especially around his joints, like elbows and knees. And I have to put cream on him and I hate it because it's really painful. And I found with Ecology, he loves it and he lets me massage it in and he just lays there and enjoys the massage. And it really softens his skin. It doesn't make him itchy."  

~ Emma Fox, son has eczema

"...this one little 'pot of magic' I call it, that does kind of everything for me. So I use it as my face cream, it's my hand cream, my lip balm, I use it on my feet. It just comes everywhere with me ...my complexion is more even, I feel likes it's really hydrated, but without being too heavy, I can wear it under my makeup ...I just love it"

~ Kirsty Underwood, Vitality Kitchen 

"I love this moisturiser because it makes my skin feel soft and supple again, but not greasy. I use it at night as a night cream and wake up with luxuriously soft and plump skin. I'm 59 years old with dry and sensitive skin, so am thrilled with the results of this moisturiser"


"I love the fact it has no nasty chemical ingredients and it feels so smooth and light on my skin. Love love love your products!"


"I love it. I love that I now have one cream for both. I love how my skin feels using it and I love that it is all 100% natural and I am not pushing chemicals into my body via my skin… thank you!"

Michelle, Mishfit

"We love your creams in this house!"


"I love this cream, as it's the only one that has kept my skin feeling soft & moisturized all day during winter"


"I'm in love with the day and night cream! Not only does it smell better than anything I've ever put on my skin but it feels so luxurious! Love that it's totally paleo friendly as well :)"

Aimee, Primal Influence

"This has been so good for my skin ... eczema, allergies , dry skin and the list goes on!!! Since using the sensitive day night my eczema has cleared"


"I love my Ecology Cream. I have 3 young boys and without it, I'm sure my face would be a wrinkly mess 😂 ...after the birth of my twins, stress and exhaustion resulted in many fine lines appearing around my eyes. After using ecology cream (I apply it a little thicker under my eyes at night), the fine lines have reduced significantly"


"I love the texture and smell of my Ecology cream. My skin soaks up this lovely 'food' instantly and makes it feeling soft and moist all day. Have I told you that I said goodby to itchy, burning skin since I use Ecology moisturisers? Other brands, even ones advertised for sensitive skin left my face with a burning, hot sensation after application."


"Absolutely loving the product!
My skin has improved lots since using replenishing cream (my favourite) It's a great fantastic product and with using a Konjac sponge is amazing also.
My skin is vibrant again as it's very sensitive. I have a two year old little girl and she loves it too ...thank you xx"


"I am in Ecology love! I just love it - my skin feels moisturised, calm and superb! I have spent so much money trialling new products which have supposedly been designed for sensitive skin, only to find I react to them first time I use them. I am then of course reluctant to use them again. Your moisturiser is amazing. I cannot tolerate fragrances at all, but your “blue tin” moisturiser has a beautiful and subtle scent that I love.”


"I love my Ecology skincare cream because it is all natural, not tested on animals and makes my skin feel smooth and moisturised"


"It feels good, it smells good and it's chemical free"


"what I love about your products is that they are natural. I am very conscious about what I put in and on my body. I love the fragrance of the replenishing cream and the texture is nice too. I mostly use it on my hands and arms - on my way somewhere in the car (busy life - lol)"

"I love the texture, and the way it sinks into my skin without leaving it greasy. And that my skin stays soft and hydrated throughout the day. But best of all - the amazing smell!"
"I love using the cream at night, I wake up with my skin feeling refreshed. I love that everything in it is all natural. My skin has never felt so healthy. This is seriously the best cream I have ever used!!"
"My fave so far! Leaves me with smooth, soft skin and NO breakouts (a bonus when my skin has always been prone to pimples since I was young!). I love the smell to - is relaxing and not over powering. Thank you xxx"
"The Pete evens range have become my go to favourites from the ecology skincare range because of two stand out differences. I love the luxurious feel of the whipped texture; Its readily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth especially after a shower. Secondly, the heavenly scents! It's a subtle but lovely dose of aromatherapy to stimulate and make you feel radiant."
"I have chronic health issues and try to reduce my toxic load in all aspects of my life. I have found that Ecology moisturisers not only work well, smell and feel great, don't upset my MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), but they are super cost effective - I only use a tiny amount, and I usually only need to moisturise once a day!"
"My Ecology moisturiser nourished and protected my skin this winter....it's a little piece of wonderful!"
"The first moisturiser I used was Pete Evans (ylang ylang) which I am still using. I received a trial size of the Ecology cream and found it was better for my mature, dry skin and didn't feel the need to top up during the day if at home minus the makeup. I also have tried Pete Evans' basil which I loved. The fragrances of all of them are a part of how massaging into skin makes you feel..it's like a mini meditation process for me. I am so happy I have found them and knowing how natural they are is a huge advantage"
"I love Ecology because it is my winter skin & wallet saver. It replaced eye cream & lip balm very well :)"
"It makes my skin feel soft, absorbs really well and contains no nasties…what’s not to love :)"
"I love all the ecology creams, but this one seems to work best for my skin. I have quite dry skin and using the ecology cream regularly keeps it nice and moist. I also love that there are no nasty ingredients. I also find that it reduces wrinkles and when you get to my age that is certainly a big bonus :)"

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