We really appreciate all of your support and to show our appreciation we’re giving back to you in the form of a Reward Program!

You can now earn Ecology Reward Points on every purchase you make from the Ecology Online Shop…WOO!!

For every $1 you spend you will earn 1 Reward Point

At your next checkout, you will be able to redeem your Reward Points for a discount off your cart. When redeeming:

100 Reward Points will give you a discount of $10 off your cart

Not bad…hey?

Terms and Conditions

  • All Reward Points are allocated at the discretion of Ecology Skincare
  • Reward Points can only be allocated to customers who have an Ecology account.
    Please sign up for an Ecology account at checkout or My Account here
  • Reward points must be used within 6 months of the date of earning them, any unused reward points will disappear after 6 months
  • Reward Points can only be redeemed on the purchase of Ecology Skincare Products from the online shop
  • Rewards Points can be redeemed on any orders you place manually (your ‘one-time purchases’)
  • Rewards Points cannot be automatically applied to a subscription order (first time or renewal)
  • But Rewards Points will still accumulate from your subscription orders and you will be able to redeem these Rewards Points from your subscription orders when you make ‘one-time purchases’
  • Rewards Points cannot be redeemed on orders that have already been placed.
  • Reward Points cannot be exchanged for cash
  • There is no minimum threshold for redemption of Reward Points
  • There is a maximum number of 300 Reward Points that can be redeemed in any one checkout
  • Ecology Skincare reserves the right to terminate the Rewards Program at any time
  • If the Rewards Program is terminated for any reason any remaining or unused rewards points will be forfeited