Here at Ecology Skincare we offer natural skincare products that are perfect for people with dry skin, sensitive skin and problem skin. And we especially love helping people with dry skin conditions and those wanting to age beautifully.

Our products include beautifully rich moisturisers and replenishing mineral bath salts as well as simple konjac sponges, goats milk soaps and microfibre cloths for cleansing.

Our simple but unique formulations contain only a handful of carefully selected, high quality ingredients.
The Ecology moisturisers and mineral bath salts are designed to support skin’s natural functionality and are handmade or hand blended with care on the Mornington Peninsula.

We’ve helped hundreds of people all over the world who report softer, smoother, calmer looking skin. And because our simple, gentle formulations are low irritant, they can be used on the whole body, saving time and money.

Ecology Skincare was launched in March 2014 after a year of research and development by creator, Crystal Fieldhouse.

Crystal Fieldhouse, Founder of Ecology
Crystal Fieldhouse, Founder of Ecology

Crystal is a podcaster, mindfulness leader and real food advocate with super sensitive skin and a history of acne and eczema.

Over 15 years, she tried anything and everything to either fix her problem skin or to hide it.

Eventually the pain, embarrassment and frustration of trying to find a natural, chemical-free moisturiser that met her personal standards and didn’t irritate her sensitive skin, led her to spend 12 months researching and developing her own.

The Ecology moisturising creams are simple and handmade with carefully selected high quality and organic ingredients. They also contain a hero ingredient that’s quite outside the box of conventional skincare!

That hero ingredient is grass fed organic tallow
It’s like emu oil but comes from healthy, grass fed cows as a by-product of the organic food industry.

Because grass fed tallow so closely mimics the fats and oils found naturally in healthy looking skin, our Ecology moisturisers calm redness and irritation quickly and encourage the return of radiant, glowing skin.