Why Salt Water is Great for a Calm Mind & Clear Skin

I have for you, Super Skin Practice #2 in the Calm Mind Clear Skin Series:


This is one of my personal favourites!
We’ve all had that experience, where we’ve come home from holiday and people really notice the difference in how we look. They say “you look fantastic, where have you been? …Have you been on holiday?”

We often look really refreshed and rejuvenated because we have spent time at the beach, with our bare feet on the sand and swimming in the salt water.
This helps to really ground us. It grounds our bodies and helps to remove positive ions from the body that build up through normal cellular functioning. This helps to reduce whole body inflammation.

Salt water also has a mild anti-microbial effect so it’s great for helping to directly calm down skin issues like acne, eczema and psoriasis.

And I find swimming in the bay incredibly revitalizing, it really wakes up the senses and I find it really connects me with what’s going on around me.
I also really enjoy just floating on my back in the water of the bay, it allows me to remind myself to go with the flow and I find that worrying thoughts and feelings seem to just slip away.

Research has shown that if you can’t get in the water itself, even just looking at a body of water or hearing flowing water is fantastic for helping to soothe the senses, the emotions and for calming the mind.

But if you can’t do any of those, then an Epsom salt foot bath is absolutely fantastic.
I’ll try and have one of these most nights. The magnesium is fantastic for helping to relax muscles, it makes you feel sleepy and helps you wind down for bed. And the sulphur is great for helping liver detoxification, which is one of the many functions you’re body is trying to get down over nighttime. Sulphur is also necessary for collagen formation, so if you’re wanting to have soft, supple, glowing skin then sulphur is essential.

And that’s your super skin practice number #2 for reducing stress and tension: Salt Water

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