MBB#2: How to Overcome Your Inner Critic with Jen Richards from Rumbles Paleo

Today I want to introduce you to my good friend Jen Richards.
Jen is the multi-talented, very smiley co-creator and owner of Rumbles Paleo.
She has a heart of pure gold and I suspect it might also be painted with sparkles and glitter.

Jen divides her time between writing children’s books, making delicious Rumbles Paleo Snacks and is currently designing a 12 week mind body & heart education program for families.

I’ve invited Jen to come and chat with us today and share her experience with overcoming fears, anxiety and limiting beleifs.
When we talk down to ourselves in our heads, tell ourselves we’re good enough, or pretty enough or deserving of love, it’s often because we hold certain beliefs about ourselves.
This monkey chatter is a massive stressor and has a big impact on our health and our skin.

A Calm Mind Helps Clear Skin

When we become mindful of our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes then we can influence the impact these have on us, change the way we respond to certain situations and by extension change the way our skin responds.

I chat with Jen about:

  • Her journey from primary school teaching to working in a chalet in France to running a coffee and cookie business
  • Starting up Rumbles Paleo and getting a puppet called Bumi
  • Where limiting beliefs can start and how these manifested as disordered eating for Jen
  • Thinking, “If I could make myself thin enough, I would be good enough” and how Jen ‘grew’ out of this kind of thinking
  • How to push through the fear and anxiety as Jen became more comfortable in her own skin and listening to the inner voice that told her she was good enough
  • The damaging stories we can tell ourselves
  • Jen’s strategies for overcoming fear and the stories we tell ourselves
  • Taking a step back and seeing it as a physiological or mechanical process, so you can go in with the tools
  • Stop and breathe, becoming aware of thoughts and how they come and go, getting perspective
  • The brain loves questions, ask yourself if in this moment, health was my top priority, how would I behave differently?
  • Can I do one little thing in this moment that will improve my situation?
  • Be kind to yourself, don’t beat yourself up
  • What the WOKABUG is
  • Smiling with your five eyes
  • Always follow the language of love as spoken by your heart
  • Practice gratitude
  • Live in fascination
  • Never force the world, let the world come to you
  • How may I serve?



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