Meet Inge – “My skin is getting dryer with age…more perfumed moisturisers, they used to clog up my skin, leaving it to break out”

Inge wanted to soften and smooth her dry and itchy skin, but found a lot of moisturisers were causing her skin to break out…

So she was relieved to find our Revitalising Cream which is rich enough to leave her skin feeling soft and plump, but not clogged – and she’s happy with how healthy and radiant her skin looks and feels now.

Here’s Inge’s story…

“I am an active 49 year old and love camping, gardening, baking, and much more.

My skin is getting dryer with age and I didn’t like the feel of it anymore… my skin started to get itchy in places, which my products at the time couldn’t solve.

I tried sorbolene and bio oil. I’ve never been a fan of other, more perfumed, moisturisers.
They used to clog up my skin, leaving it to break out.

My Revitalising Cream moisturises, but doesn’t make the skin feel clogged up… my skin feels soft and plump and looks even of colour. Lines have become finer.

My skin looks healthy and radiant, making me feel confident and content.

My routine is easy: wash with water and/or soap-free body wash and apply Ecology.”

~ Inge, loves her Revitalising Cream

We are beyond happy for Inge!

It’s always a win when you find a rich moisturiser that softens, smooths and plumps the look of dry skin without making skin feel clogged and causing breakouts.

Now you might be wondering why Inge’s dry skin is loving her Revitalising Cream without feeling like it’s ‘too rich’…?

As we age, our skin barrier weakens and our skin produces less of those fats and oils that keep it soft, supple and hydrated.

So we might notice our skin is drier, flakier, scaly, itchy, sensitive, prone to redness and breakouts.

Cholesterol is critical for healthy skin and for strengthening our skin’s barrier function.

…and it’s particularly helpful for skin that’s dry and itchy …but it’s found in so few products.

Cholesterol is in our Ecology Creams, because it’s found naturally in our hero ingredient… grass-fed tallow.

Grass-fed tallow is a gently rendered fat (like emu oil), but it comes from healthy, grass-fed cows

(so this isn’t for our vegan friends!)

Grass-fed tallow contains the same kinds of fats and oils we have naturally in skin. So it soaks in nicely and helps support skin’s barrier function, keeping allergens and irritants out and moisture in.

…and it helps to soften, smooth and hydrate super dry skin without being greasy.

Grass-fed tallow also:

  1. Contains fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K …all of which are crucial for healthy skin (some of these are also antioxidants)
  2. Is balanced in omega 3’s and 6’s …both are important for healthy skin

Not only that, as we get older, our skin produces less of those lipids (the fats and oils) that keep it soft, supple and looking plump and hydrated.

Inge loves our Revitalising Cream…

Revitalising Day and Night Cream with Macadamia & Manuka Ecology Skincare

Revitalising Cream with Macadamia & Manuka

Rich for all skin types and skin prone to breakouts. Manuka and kanuka oils can be helpful for reducing the look of redness and breakouts - leaving skin looking healthy and revitalised.
Grass-fed Beef Tallow^, Macadamia Nut Oil*, Jojoba Oil**, Manuka Oil*, Kanuka Oil*, Vanilla Bean Extract*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, Sunflower Oil* *Organic **Grown Pesticide Free ^Free range, Pasture raised, No antibiotics, No added hormones. Rosemary Leaf Extract is standardised with Sunflower Oil.

We’ve also had good feedback from other customers (like Inge) who’ve used our Ecology Creams to soften, smooth and plump the look of dry, itchy and breakout prone skin.

The Revitalising Cream is in the middle of our range for richness. And it contains manuka and kanuka oils helpful for reducing the look of redness and breakouts. It has a mild herbal aroma.

The Soothing Baby Cream is similar in feel and richness to the Revitalising Cream and it is gentle for sensitive skin. Calendula can also be helpful for soothing the look of red and easily irritated skin

The Daily Moisturiser with Ylang Ylang is lighter in texture than our other Ecology Creams. It contains camellia, kakadu plum and frankincense to soft, plump and hydrated looking skin and it has a delightful floral aroma.

You can find 9g (10mL) trial sizes of each of these creams in our Breakout Prone Skin Trial Pack.

Breakout Prone Skin Trial Pack – 9g (10mL) Minis

From: Original price was: $30.Current price is: $27.

These are our recommendations for skin that’s prone to breakouts
With this trial pack, you can see which suits you best…


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Revitalising Day and Night Cream with Macadamia and Manuka


A rich, natural moisturiser for normal / combination skin and skin prone to redness and breakouts

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Build your own Trial Pack of 9g (10mL) Ecology Mini’s

From: Original price was: $30.Current price is: $27.

Perfect for seeing which one is your favourite, for loading up on supplies for your travel bag, handbag or manbag, or for sharing with your loved ones. Choose 3 x 9g (10mL) mini’s for your trial pack.

SKU: X TRIAL BUILDA3PK 9ML Categories: , ,
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So why is it the big brand moisturisers fail to really nourish dry and itchy skin?

It’s because big brand moisturisers are typically 50-80% water (or aqua)

Take a look and you’ll see water as a first ingredient in many of these products.
But this means, there’s only 20-50% left for the skin nourishing ingredients.

Compare this to the Ecology Moisturisers..
they’re are 100% natural fats and oils (no water), so they’re highly concentrated to better soften skin and smooth the look of fine lines.

Because I know how important it can be to try a ‘trial size’ of something before getting a larger size, we’ve put together Trial Packs of our Ecology Creams.

First time customers can now try a trial of our 10mL mini moisturisers from only $27 (so only $9 per moisturiser) …and get free shipping when you use the code: TRIAL at checkout

and see for yourself the difference an Ecology Moisturiser can make for super dry skin

(the 10mL mini’s are a great size!  Each one will last a couple of weeks, long enough to see the skin softening and smoothing for yourself)

So click on the button below that best describes your skin to see which moisturisers are right for you…

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