Q&A – “Do your Ecology Creams help with Sun Spots?”

One question I get asked fairly often is… “do any of your creams help with age spots..?” or

“I’m looking for something to fade brown spots, would anything in your range suit..?”

This is an interesting question because we didn’t specifically design the Ecology Creams to reduce the look of sun spots… but we do get feedback from people who notice their sun spots are less ‘noticeable’.

One of our wonderful customers sent me her before and after pics last week and I was absolutely amazed at the difference in her skin…

Debbie’s in her 60’s and she’d noticed brown spots starting to develop on her cheek bone… they were growing larger over time and making her feel self-conscious to the point where she was covering them with concealer or foundation.

Here’s what Debbie said:

“Amazing! I’ve attached this image of before and after shots of my face to show just how amazing your Rejuvenating Day and Night cream is for age spots. I was becoming so self-conscious, and it took a good 6 months to get these results but so worth it! My skin never feels dry anymore either and it has a more youthful appearance. I love it! Thanks so much.” ~ Debbie

We’re doing happy dances for Debbie! …and we love how happy she looks with her Rejuvenating Cream 🙂

It’s always such a win when you can see a noticeable difference in your skin when using a new product – even if it does take time to see that difference.

Another of our favourite customers from Tassie also shared a fantastic video with us.

Rosslyn had been unconsciously hiding the side of her face where she’d noticed sun spots developing…

“I would have happily shared a before photo for you, but unfortunately I can’t find one. The only ones I have, I have my hair hanging over the area where the sun spots were. Amazing really, I didn’t realise I was doing that, must have been trying to hide them as I was self conscious. I started noticing a difference after about three weeks of using intensively and more improvement as time went on. Marvellous product. I’m also more careful out in the sun, too, wearing a hat or sitting under a sun umbrella.” ~ Rosslyn

Here’s Rosslyn’s video:

So what’s going on here?

Honestly, when it comes to fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged skin and sun spots… everyone’s different and there are no ‘miracles’

The brown pigmentation with ‘sun spots’ is caused when cells become damaged due to sun exposure, skin trauma, inflammation (acne), smoke, pollution or hormones. It happens naturally as we live our lives.

The pigmentation is likely there to stay, but the good news is you can reduce the look of it 🙂

When skin is dry, any pigmentation, dark spots or sun spots will ‘stand out’ more.

Dry skin and skin that’s damaged needs fatty acids and cholesterol for skin to look soft, smooth and hydrated.

Cholesterol in particular is helpful for skin that’s damaged …it makes up a large part of our skin’s cell membrane and sits in between skin cells forming a living wall (with fatty acids and ceramides) to help keep moisture in skin.

…but it’s found in so few products.

Cholesterol IS in our Ecology Creams, because it’s found naturally in our hero ingredient… grass-fed tallow.

Grass-fed tallow is a gently rendered animal fat (like emu oil), but it comes from healthy, grass-fed cows

(so this isn’t for our vegan friends!)

Grass-fed tallow contains the same kinds of fatty acids and cholesterol we have naturally in our skin and in between skin cells.

So grass-fed tallow can help replace ‘missing’ components in skin’s outer layer …keeping moisture IN and allergens and irritants OUT.

…and because of this, our Ecology Moisturisers can work REALLY well for dry and dehydrated skin.

Our Ecology Moisturisers will help to “plump” the look of skin and leave skin looking softer, smoother and more hydrated.

Debbie and Rosslyn like our Rejuvenating Cream and Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina…

Rejuvenating Cream with Jojoba & Kanuka Ecology Skincare

Rejuvenating Cream with Jojoba & Kanuka

Ultra rich and perfect for dry and damaged skin
Grass-fed Beef Tallow^, Jojoba Oil**, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Kanuka Oil*, Vanilla Bean Extract*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, Sunflower Oil*
*Organic **Grown Pesticide Free ^Free range, Pasture raised, No antibiotics, No added hormones. Rosemary Leaf Extract is standardised with Sunflower Oil.

Daily Moisturiser with Hemp & Nerolina

Rich and perfect for all skin types
Grass-fed Beef Tallow^, Camellia Seed Oil*, Jojoba Oil**, Hemp Seed Oil, Nerolina Oil, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Frankincense Oil*, Vanilla Bean Extract*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*, Sunflower Oil* *Organic **Grown Pesticide Free ^Free range, Pasture raised, No antibiotics, No added hormones. Rosemary Leaf Extract is standardised with Sunflower Oil.

We’ve had good feedback from other customers (like Debbie and Rosslyn) who’ve used the moisturisers in our Dry Skin Trial Pack – our Rejuvenating Cream, Replenishing Cream and Daily Moisturiser with Ylang Ylang to help hydrate dry and damaged skin.

The Replenishing Cream is ultra rich. It has only a handful of ingredients (no essential oils) and is perfect for anyone with dry and sensitive skin or dry skin conditions and skin issues.

The Rejuvenating Cream is also ultra rich and contains kanuka oil (which is in the same family as manuka oil and tea tree). Kanuka oil well known for helping reduce redness and easily irritated skin.

The Daily Moisturiser with Ylang Ylang is lighter in texture than our other Ecology Creams. It contains camellia, kakadu plum and frankincense to soften, smooth and hydrate skin… and it has a delightful aroma.

And Rosslyn’s favourite, the Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina is also lighter in texture. This one is helpful for balancing oil on skin and for plumping and protecting dry or dehydrated skin. It contains nerolina and the lemon scented tea tree oil is helpful for protecting against signs of breakouts.

Here’s what people say about the Ecology Creams for sun spots…

“my hands, they look more nourished and not so wrinkly and my age spots sun damage look like they have faded” ~ Pamela

“I never thought of taking a before photo but I can say my face feels softer with more moisture. I think my skin looks brighter and the age spots are less noticeable” ~ Mary, loves her Daily Moisturiser with Ylang Ylang

“my dry sun damaged spots have become less noticeable and my skin is soft and much more even in colour” ~ Fiona

“my skin is hydrated, age spots disappearing, couldn’t recommend highly enough” ~ Dale

“I am working through my minis 1 at a time and I have almost finished my rejuvenating cream. I have found that my skin is much softer and some of the age spots are less. I will be onto the replenishing next before I decide which is going to be the best for me. I am very pleased with my purchase” ~ Marilyn

**If you have any skin spots or lesions that concern you, we encourage you to get them checked out by your healthcare professional Crystal**

Rejuvenating Day and Night Cream with Jojoba and Kanuka


An ultra-rich, natural moisturiser for dry and damaged skin

Read more

Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina


All Skin Types
Softens, protects and revitalises
For healthy youthful looking skin
Citrus aroma

Read more

Dry Skin Trial Pack – 9g (10mL) Minis

From: Original price was: $30.Current price is: $27.

These are our suggestions for Dry or Sun Damaged Skin
With this trial pack, you can see which suits you best…


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Because I know how important it can be to try a ‘trial size’ of something before getting a larger size, we’ve put together Trial Packs of our Ecology Creams.

First time customers can now try a trial of our 10mL mini moisturisers from only $27 (so only $9 per moisturiser) …and get free shipping when you use the code: TRIAL at checkout

and see for yourself the difference an Ecology Moisturiser can make for sensitised skin

(the 10mL mini’s are a great size!  Each one will last a couple of weeks, long enough to see the softening effect for yourself)

So click on the button below that best describes your skin to see which moisturisers are right for you…

Ecology Skincare

PS. If you have any skin spots or lesions that concern you, we encourage you to get them checked out by your healthcare professional Crystal

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