Meet Lorraine – “I’d tried numerous creams over the years that promised the world, but did not really seem to work…”

Lorraine was initially skeptical about the Ecology Creams …and who can blame her?

When you’ve tried so many different products on your dry and reactive skin only to have them cause redness, irritation and breakouts – it’s going to take something quite different to soften and calm dry and easily irritated skin. 

But Lorraine’s so happy she decided to try the Ecology Creams…

Here’s Lorraine’s story…

“I am retired and love to travel, sew, walk and spend time with my grandchildren.

I have dry skin, but when using most moisturisers my skin seemed to break out or get red and irritated.
I also suffer from psoriasis, so had tried steroids and numerous creams over the years that promised the world, but did not really seem to work.

I kept on looking for creams that would help – with no real luck.

I saw your ad [for the Ecology Creams] and was skeptical, but thought I would give it try.
I guess the idea of the ingredients in the moisturiser had me intrigued…

…plus you have all of the little tins to sample at a very reasonable price. So really not much of a risk to try even if I didn’t like them.

And once I tried them, I love them all.

The creams are all lovely to use, moisturising, but most of all – don’t cause breakouts with my skin.
It really is an amazing cream.

I use this every day on my face and neck. It is also great for hands and even smooths down dry hair.
I wash my face and apply one of the creams. Usually the pink Daily Moisturiser in summer and the green Revitalising Cream in winter and at night.

I am retired now so don’t have much money to try expensive creams and yours provide a lot of applications per tin.

One tin does multiple tasks. The small tins are great to put in your purse and take everywhere. It is easy to use and ideal when travelling as it is portable, doesn’t take up much space and has multiple uses.

Thanks so much for inventing such a great product.”

~ Lorraine, loves her Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina and her Revitalising Cream

We are beyond happy for Lorraine!

It’s always a win when you find something that helps to soften and hydrate dry skin without causing redness, irritation or breakouts …even when it seems like nothing works

Now you might be wondering why the Ecology Creams are so helpful for Lorraine’s dry and reactive skin when other products cause irritation…

Well, our skin cells are like bricks.
And in between our skin cells, sits a glue or mortar made up of cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides.

…it works like a living wall that keeps allergens, microbes and irritants out and moisture in.

When our skin’s barrier function becomes disrupted, this is when water can escape from skin and allergens and irritants can get in… leading to dry, itchy skin and irritation.

Cholesterol in particular is helpful for skin that’s dry and easily irritated …but it’s found in so few products.

Cholesterol IS in our Ecology Creams, because it’s found naturally in our hero ingredient… grass-fed tallow.

Grass-fed tallow is a gently rendered fat (like emu oil), but it comes from healthy, grass-fed cows

(so this isn’t for our vegan friends!)

Grass-fed tallow contains the same kinds of fats and oils we have naturally in skin. So it soaks in nicely and helps support skin’s barrier function, keeping allergens and irritants out and moisture in.

…so it helps to calm itching and leave skin looking plump and well hydrated.

Grass-fed tallow also:

  1. Contains fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K …all of which are crucial for healthy skin (some of these are also antioxidants)
  2. Is balanced in omega 3’s and 6’s …both are important for healthy skin and balancing immune function

Not only that, as we get older, our skin produces less of those lipids (the fats and oils) that keep it soft, supple and youthful looking.

…so grass-fed tallow is putting back what time takes away.

Lorraine loves our Daily Moisturiser with Hemp & Nerolina + Revitalising Cream…

Revitalising Day and Night Cream with Macadamia & Manuka Ecology Skincare

Revitalising Cream with Macadamia & Manuka

Rich and perfect for combination / normal skin
Grass fed beef tallow*, Jojoba Oil**, Macadamia Oil*, Manuka Oil***, Kanuka Oil***, Vanilla Bean Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract* *Organic **Grown Pesticide Free *** Wild Harvested

Daily Moisturiser with Hemp & Nerolina

Rich and perfect for combination / normal skin
Grass Fed Beef Tallow***, Camellia Oil*, Jojoba Oil**, Hemp Seed Oil, Nerolina Oil, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Frankincense Oil*, Vanilla Bean Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract* *certified organic, **grown pesticide free, ***organic, biodynamic or Tasmanian sourced

We’ve had good feedback from other customers (like Lorraine) who’ve used the moisturisers in our Redness Prone Skin Pack – the Revitalising Cream, Replenishing Cream and Soothing Baby Cream to help Redness Prone Skin.

The Revitalising Cream is rich and has a simple formulation… it contains only a handful of ingredients, including manuka and kanuka oils which are known to be helpful for breakouts and wound healing.

And Lorraine’s other favourite, the Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina is lighter in texture. This one is helpful for balancing oil and for plumping and protecting dry or dehydrated skin. It also contains nerolina and lemon scented tea tree oil which have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina


All Skin Types
Softens, protects and revitalises
For healthy youthful looking skin
Citrus aroma

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Revitalising Day and Night Cream with Macadamia and Manuka


For All Skin Types
Softens, protects and revitalises
For vibrant healthy looking skin

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Redness Prone Skin Trial Pack – 10mL Minis

From: $27

These are our recommendations for skin that’s prone to redness or rosacea
With this trial pack of 10mL mini’s, you can see which suits you best…


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Because I know how important it can be to try a ‘trial size’ of something before getting a larger size, we’ve put together Trial Packs of our Ecology Creams.

First time customers can now try a trial of our 10mL mini moisturisers from only $27 (so only $9 per moisturiser) …and get free shipping when you use the code: TRIAL at checkout

and see for yourself the difference an Ecology Moisturiser can make for sensitised skin

(the 10mL mini’s are a great size!  Each one will last a couple of weeks, long enough to see the softening effect for yourself)

So click on the button below that best describes your skin to see which moisturisers are right for you…

Ecology Skincare

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