MBB#09: Why Saturated Fats are Good For your Skin with Christine Cronau

Christine Cronau Saturated Fat Ecology Skincare

The Fat Revolution and The Fat Revolution Cookbook by Christine CronauOn this episode of Mind Body Beauty, we talk about the benefits of natural fats for your skin with Butter Crusader, Christine Cronau.

Christine is a nutritionist and best selling author of The Fat Revolution and The Fat Revolution Cookbook, with a catch cry of Bring Back the Fat, Christine has been working hard to dispel the myths around saturated fats.

I’ve invited Christine on to have a chat with us, because natural fats are vital for nourishing our skin from within.

Fat and cholesterol make up a massive proportion of our cell membranes. They strengthen our skin cells against the effects of oxidation and inflammation and a Japanese study found that women who consumed more saturated fat had significantly less wrinkles.

So I don’t want you to miss out on the benefits of natural fats for your skin by fearing fat!

I talk with Christine about:

  • Where the fat phobia came from?
  • We actually ate loads of fat before the 1900’s
  • Our diets changed in the early 1900’s – we started eating less fat and more sugar and vegetable oils
  • In 1926 we had the first documented case of a heart attack
  • The lack of evidence for saturated fats in the
  • By the 1980’s low fat diets were really popular and were supposed to make us slim and protect us from heart disease
  • The result is we got fatter and rates of heart disease continued to rise
  • What kinds of problems does a low fat diet cause for us?
  • We need natural fats for our hormones, good organ function, our mental health – for good serotonin levels, for our general health and our skin
  • Our cells membranes are made up of around 50% saturated fats, so saturated fats are necessary for healthy cells
  • Vegetable oils and margarines contain damaged fats (trans fats and oxidised omega 6’s) that can damage our cells, including the cells in our skin
  • Trans fats accelerate aging and organ damage
  • The benefits of natural fats to slow the signs of aging and wrinkles
  • The myth of drinking lots of water to hydrate cells
  • Cell hydration has got more to do with the strength of your cell membranes
  • If we don’t eat enough fat then our cell membranes become weak and don’t retain as much water
  • Sugar and carbohydrates have replaced fats in our diets which increases acidity and reduces our ability to regenerate collagen
  • What effect can fats have on our skin and skin inflammation?
  • Less fat, more sugar and refined carbohydrates have changed our gut bacteria and have lead to an increase in skin issues
  • We have to lose the fear of fat and real foods like: Eggs, butter, coconut oil, grass fed fats
  • What does Christine typically eat in a day?
  • People will often notice the difference in their skin when eating a higher fat diet, “plumping” up and smoothing out fine lines
  • Low fat dieters age faster on the inside and the outside
  • Christine tries to avoid scrubbing the oils off the surface of her skin
  • You need cholesterol in your skin to convert sunlight and produce Vitamin D
  • You do not want to have the squeaky clean feeling on your skin
  • Christine loves her Ecology Cream!



Crystal, Christine & Jo Smith
Crystal, Christine & Jo Smith

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