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The 7 Best Nutrients for Hydrating Dry Skin from the Inside Out

Dry skin has many different causes. From our age and genetics to our hormonal fluctuations, medications, skincare regime and even the weather. A lot of these factors that cause dry skin affect our skin’s protective barrier function. If we have dry or damaged skin, in most cases it’s because our skin’s barrier function is weakened […]

MBB#09: Why Saturated Fats are Good For your Skin with Christine Cronau

Christine Cronau Saturated Fat Ecology Skincare

On this episode of Mind Body Beauty, we talk about the benefits of natural fats for your skin with Butter Crusader, Christine Cronau. Christine is a nutritionist and best selling author of The Fat Revolution and The Fat Revolution Cookbook, with a catch cry of Bring Back the Fat, Christine has been working hard to dispel […]

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