MBB#8: How your Gut Microbiome can Affect your Skin with Jacqui Kirkland

Jacqui from Grateful Harvest
Jacqui from Grateful Harvest

Today on the Mind Body Beauty Show, I talk with Jacqui Kirkland from Grateful Harvest about gut health and the incredible inhabitants of our gut.

Jacqui is an artisan crafter and supplier of high quality fermented foods and beverages and she’s passionate about helping people make that connection between gut health and the health of their body and mind.
Our gut health also has a big impact on our skin health!


I chat with Jacqui about:

  • Being only 10% human!
  • How do the microbes on our skin and gut get there?
  • The interaction between our gut flora and our immune system
  • How does our gut flora influence our mood?
  • What can we eat to help feed our beneficial bacteria?
  • The impact of food, genetics, stress, sleep and good quality water on our microbiome and how these can disrupt gut flora
  • Whole foods that are high in fibre, avoiding antibiotics, avoiding heavy metals and chemicals, as well as reducing stress will all help our gut microbiome
  • How does out gut microbiome affect our skin health?
  • Fermented foods and fermented beverages
  • Who are fermented foods not good for?

“Our bugs are there to help us. We’re all in it together, it’s in their interest for us to survive” ~ Jacqui Kirkland


“Be kind to yourself and be kind to your microbiome” ~ Crystal Fieldhouse

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