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Top 5 Beauty Benefits of Gelatin (#2 might surprise you!)

Why’s everyone talking about gelatin? Are you waiting for it to pass you by like so many health and beauty trends? The truth is that gelatin has been widely used for many years and is currently being rediscovered by the health and beauty community for its beauty benefits. Gelatin has been used in skin products […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Which Super Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin

We kind of intuitively know that we are what we eat, right? Woman’s health magazines have lists of  ‘Superfoods for Healthy Skin’ containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, omega 3’s and proteins. Building blocks to give your skin a radiant boost and rejuvenate your healthy glow. Green smoothies, atlantic salmon and blueberries are all great for your skin. […]

Ecology Skincare Launch Party

Ecology Skincare and The Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula are teaming up to celebrate the launch of the Ecology Skincare Day & Night Creams. When: Friday 9th May Where: Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula, 89 Main Street, Mornington (Map) Time: 7pm onwards This will be a relaxed, social event with some truly excellent Paleo nibbles and an opportunity to […]

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