MBB#5: Food, Mood & Make-up with Vanessa Breden

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In this episode of Mind Body Beauty, I talk with Vanessa Breden from Transformations Beyond Beauty about her wellness journey, her thoughts on what Beyond Beautiful really means and her tips for choosing and using make-up (especially for those of us with sensitive skin or skin issues like acne and rosacea)

Vanessa owns a Wellness Studio called Transformations Beyond Beauty. She’s a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, make-up artist, nutritional medicine student and wellness advocate.

Over the years Vanessa has transformed her own health, learning to successfully manage the debilitating symptoms of Hashimotos Thyroiditis and Fibromyalgia without medication.

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I chat with Vanessa about:

  • Vanessa’s experience with fibromyalgia and hashimoto’s thyroiditis and her wellness journey
  • The role food and real food can play in autoimmune conditions
  • Gluten as a trigger for autoimmune symptoms
  • Informed self-care
  • Food and Mood coaching in the Transformations Beyond Beauty Wellness Studio
  • Encouraging people to pay attention to how they feel after eating and monitoring stress, sleep and water intake
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, real beauty is something that comes from within you

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  • It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you feel about how you look
  • People who own the room are those that feel good about themselves
  • Being “Beyond Beautiful” is about finding your true inner beauty and actually being able to express that
  • It’s not about creating a new you, it’s about creating a true you
  • Vanessa’s thoughts on make-up and how we can judge people who wear make-up or look a certain way
  • Make-up is like fashion for your face and how make-up makes you feel
  • The mistakes people can make when choosing and applying make-up
  • Making sure you choose the right shade of foundation
  • Make-up tips for people with sensitive skin or skin issues like acne and rosacea
  • Looking out for ingredients in make-up
  • Vanessa’s own skincare routine

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2 thoughts on “MBB#5: Food, Mood & Make-up with Vanessa Breden

  1. Catherine Franks says:

    Very inspirational,, there is so much to be said for listening and learning. I have known Vanessa all her life and she has always been into self improvement and awareness. I found this video very interesting and informative.

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