Supercharging your Skincare Regime with the 180 Nutrition Boys

I had a chat with Guy and Stu on the 180 Nutrition Podcast about where we might be going wrong with our skin care routines and what we can do instead to simplify our skin care regime and support our skin from within. Check out the video below or listen to the episode here:

We discuss:

  • How common sensitive skin is
  • Where are we going wrong with skincare
  • What should we do as a basic skincare regime?
  • What ingredients should we be looking to avoid in our skincare products?
  • Do chemical ingredients in high street skincare products ‘really’ enter our bloodstream?
  • Can we eat ourselves to better skin?
  • How stress affects our skin and what we can do to manage stress factors
  • How important is sunshine for great skin health?
  • Can exercise improve our skin health?
  • What my skincare routine looks like


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