4 Simple Strategies to Help you Handle the Festive Season with Grace

This time of the year is meant to be filled with joy and happiness…
surrounded with those that you love. …the reality however, can be overwhelm and stress.

From the pressure to catch up with everyone, the busy shopping centres, extra spending and overindulgence… to the reflection on those who are no longer with us.

This time of the year we need to look after and support ourselves more than ever…

Here are 4 sanity saving strategies to help you put the Merry back into your Christmas festivities


#1. Be Present

The month of December feels like it passes quicker than any month of the year…
Take time to enjoy each day, each event, each person you get a chance to meet.
Thinking too much about what lies ahead will prevent you from enjoying what you have right now.


  • Make a “To-Do” List. Plan your month out, get all those thoughts of what’s coming next out of your head and onto paper. Include shopping, cooking, visiting friends and other activities, then your mind can be clear to focus on the present
  • Start your morning off with a couple minutes of focusing your thoughts on your body… where are you more tense? what areas do you need to relax? You could also try mediation, taking some deep breaths, or repeating a mantra for the day. It’s all about bringing yourself back into your body, grounding yourself. Being more present, rather than constantly being in your head with your thoughts
  • Keep a journal. Reflect on each day and what you are grateful for or what emotions came up for you today. Know that it’s okay to feel sad around this time of the year, particularly if you have lost a loved one or you can’t be with those you care about
  • Rather than spending your time battling through busy shopping centres. Think about shopping locally or online. Not only is there less people around, you will also be supporting small or local businesses who need it the most this time of the year
  • Also remember that it’s okay to say no. Don’t feel pressured to be at 3 Christmas parties in one night!


#2. Remember your Fruits & Veggies

Just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean that your fruits & veggies should be forgotten.
They are probably more important now than the rest of the year!

Fruits & vegetables are full of all the nutrients we need to get us through the festive period.

The more colourful you can make your plate – the better… purple, green, red, orange fruits and vegetables are packed with the different antioxidants needed for the extra oxidative stress that this season brings.


  • If you are having a BBQ, add some vegetables to the grill, sliced capsicum, eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini or corn are great
  • Need to bring a plate of something to a gathering? How about a fruit platter? This time of year there are some beautiful fruits in season, that look and taste great
  • When serving up Christmas lunch, fill at least half of your plate up with salad and vegetables first before adding the protein and other carbohydrates
  • Pre-cut up carrots, celery, capsicum or cucumber to snack on while in-between all the pre-Christmas tasks


#3. Get Moving

There will always be excuses not to exercise.
Don’t let the Christmas period stop you from moving your body.

Exercise is needed not only for keeping you fit, it is a great way to release any extra stress.


  • Get your blood moving, dance around the house, get cleaning, walk around the block, any type of movement is good movement
  • Organise outdoor activities to do with your family on Christmas day. Kick the football, throw the Frisbee, go to the beach. Enjoy the great outdoors (will also keep extra people out of the kitchen)


#4. Protect your liver

Our liver is an amazing organ, it helps filter the blood and detoxifies chemicals and metabolises drugs.

The typical Christmas celebrations makes the liver work harder with increased substances needing to be filtered and detoxified.

To give our liver a little helping hand, there are a few things we can do.


  •  WATER, don’t forget to consume at least 2L of water daily
  • Consume antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, reducing oxidative stress on the liver
  • Reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates, processed or takeaway food (high in fat, salt and sugar)
  • Add bitter foods into your diet, they will stimulate digestive function and releasing bile, making it easier to breakdown and digest foods. Bitter foods include lemon, rocket, mustard greens and kale. Make a side-salad for your main meals with a dressing made from olive oil, lemon juice and a small amount of apple cider vinegar.


…and most importantly

Enjoy… Enjoy this time with friends and family! Celebrate the year gone by!

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