Introducing the Mind Body Beauty Show

The Mind Body Beauty Podcast

The Mind Body Beauty Podcast
Welcome to the introductory episode of the Mind Body Beauty Show!!

What is Mind Body Beauty?

Mind Body Beauty is a health and wellness Podcast and YouTube talk show, especially for those of us with problem skin or sensitive skin. (You can listen to this episode by clicking on the triangle icon above)

You might have inflammatory skin issues like acne, eczema, psoriasis or rosacea.

Or maybe super dry skin, and premature aging, those fine lines and wrinkles.

These skin issues can make us feel really self conscious, anxious or depressed about how we look and embarrassed about leaving the house in the morning.

Especially if we feel like people are noticing our skin and judging us on our appearance.

I’ve been there!

The negative self-talk starts, that inner critic winds up and we pack on the make-up to hide the problem skin and our self confidence takes a big knock.

You worry that you won’t be able to find a partner, or be taken seriously at work …or do the things that you really want to do in life.

You keep putting things off till your skin looks better. Thinking…

“I’ll go out and meet new people when my skin clears, I’ll say yes to parties and social trips, book that holiday. I’ll say yes next time maybe my skin wil be better then”

And because our skin goes up and down and cycles through the break outs and flare ups, it often seems like the time is never right!

I know how it feels.

I’m someone who has super sensitive skin, I’ve had acne and eczema since I was a teenager.

Always up and down and always something I’ve been really self conscious about.

And I feel like I’ve tried just about everything over the years to either fix my problem skin or to hide it.

The acne cleansers, spot treatments, medicated creams, steroid creams, antibiotics, Retin A formulations, cosmeceuticals, and the pill.

So I know how frustrating it can be to try and figure out what’s causing skin flare ups and break outs and to find the products and practices that actually work to help clear your skin. And to d0 it naturally.

Something I’ve realised over the years, is that we can really wind ourselves up both mentally and emotionally about our skin and actually make skin issues worse by focusing too much on our skin and what we put on it topically. Radical concept, hey?

In my personal experience, it’s only when I took a holistic approach to caring for my skin that I actually saw the results I was really looking for.

So to me this means focusing on nourishing our bodies from within, with anti-inflammatory, whole foods. Nourishing our hearts and minds with practices that reduce stress and tension and bring pleasure and relaxation. And, also nourishing our skin from the outside in with natural skincare products that work with our skin’s natural functionality.

When we do this, we improve our general health and wellness …and the happy by-product of that, is we can heal our skin and have that healthy, glowing skin and a radiance that seems to come from the inside out.

This is something I’ve found to be true in my own experience and with many of our Ecology Skincare customers.

What will the Mind Body Beauty Show be about?

Mind Body Beauty is a show dedicated to going deeper than skin deep and really exploring the mind body connection and how our inner health and happiness affects the health of our skin.

Because our skin is really a reflection of what’s going on on the inside!

There are many markers for good health and our skin is an excellent one!

If we’re lacking in certain nutrients, not getting enough sleep, or if our blood sugar levels or hormones are out of whack, if we’re ignoring stress and anxiety or repressing emotions, then it shows up on our skin.

Especially for those of us with inflammatory skin issues where our skin might be our weaker link. When we have underlying inflammation throughout the whole body, it shows up as inflamed skin.

We get circles or bags under our eyes, dry skin, acne breakouts, frequent rashes, greasy hair, white spots on our nails, fine lines that seem to appear overnight.

In this case our skin is asking us to notice that our body is in need of our support, whether it be nutritional or emotional support. Before it’s too late and any underlying inflammation or oxidative damage progresses into chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer or diabetes.

What can contribute to skin issues?

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and like the gut it has an important role in protecting us from the outside world, so it’s constantly talking to both our gut and our immune system.

It’s particularly responsive to inflammation.

Having healthy, glowing skin is intimately connected to our gut health and digestion. To the food we eat, our gut microbiome, our hormonal responses, and our liver function. It’s also influenced by systemic inflammation and our immune system.

Our skin is also the interface between us and the outside world, so it has the largest supply of nerves from the brain. It’s really tightly connected to the brain, because it has to send back all that information about the outside world.

It’s a two way street, so a lot of information from the mind and the brain comes back towards the skin.

This means our skin is intimately connected to our thoughts and feelings, our sense of happiness and our perception of the stress we’re under.

Stress is really underrated in the impact it can have on our skin and our whole bodies!

Studies show that anywhere between 60-90% of visits to the Dr are for stress related conditions.

So much more affects our skin than just what we’re putting on our skin topically.

What can you expect in future Mind Body Beauty Episodes?

My aim with Mind Body Beauty, is to delve into all of the problems and the mistakes we can make when we’re trying to heal our skin.

I’ll be talking with experts in the fields of:

  • Natural skincare
  • Nutrition
  • Gut and digestive health
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress management
  • Hormonal regulation
  • Dermatology
  • Psychology
  • Naturopathy
  • Habit hacking
  • Healing and
  • Happiness

We’ll talk about what you can do to reduce redness, irritation and inflammation on your skin …and throughout your whole body, so you can calm inflamed and congested skin down and clear skin issues naturally,

We’ll tease out the underlying causes of various skin issues and cut through the confusion.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to give you further insight into what might be going on for you, so you have some ideas to kick around, for changing what you might be doing currently, different questions you can ask of the practitioners you’re working with, suggestions for testing.

We’ll also bust some myths and talk about the aging process and how to slow it down.

Generally, giving you a whole heap of tools for helping you to enhance your inner health and your outer glow, so you can feel more confident and do all of those things you feel like your skin is holding you back from doing.

You might not have any skin issues, you might just be wanting to look better and feel better in your own skin, and have that beautiful radiant glow that attracts other people to you.

So either way, there will be plenty of tips and strategies that will help you look good, feel great and live happier in your own skin. Which will give you that sparkle back in your eye, the spring in your step and the confidence to go and chase your dreams!

I’m super excited for what we’ve got in store for you all!!

Because I fully believe that when we understand the mind body connection and the mind skin connection, the mind body connection and we take the time to tune into our own bodies, we can become aware of the messages our bodies are trying to send us. Whether it’s messages from within the body or from our skin and take the steps to support our mind and bodies, both physically and emotionally with what we really need.

I think that the mind has incredible power when it comes to healing the body as long as we bring ourselves back into balance and allow it to do so.

I believe it’s not a so much a case of healing our skin so we can be happy, as it is a need to become happy in order to heal our skin and this has certainly been my experience.

So please join us for the journey!

What should you do now?

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And if there’s someone, anyone you know with skin issues who you think might benefit from the Mind Body Beauty Show, please share it with them

…l Iook forward to talking with you soon!




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