Reflections on the Ecology Launch Party

Hey guys!

Here is a quick update and some reflections on the Ecology Skincare Launch Party last Friday at The Paleo Cafe in Mornington…

Ecology Skincare Launch Party at the Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula
Ecology Skincare Launch Party at the Paleo Cafe Mornington Peninsula

Firstly, a big massive thank you to everyone who came along and helped us celebrate the official Ecology Launch!   

It was a fantastic night with a great mix of people, some who have supported us right throughout the development of Ecology and some who were totally new to the brand and the Paleo Cafe!
It was really nice, bringing together a group of like-minded people from different arenas and really refreshing to speak with people who were totally new to the concept of Paleo and Paleo-inspired skincare.

There was an abundance of super awesome Paleo morsels, handcrafted by Paleo Cafe owner, Andrew himself; some tasty Kombucha samples kindly provided by Jacqui from Grateful Harvest; and of course some tummy-warming bone broth!

Paleo Cafe owner Meghann with proscuitto wrapped morsels, Jordan with a tray of bone broth and tasty Paleo spiced prawns

10339677_652122608174592_5311405380714363473_nA big massive thank you goes out to Andrew and Meghann, owners of the Paleo Cafe, who have both supported us right from the word go.
They’ve freely given their feedback, encouragement and suggestions along with their wealth of knowledge on commercial equipment.
In addition to hosting the launch party, they were also the first Ecology Skincare retailer!

The launch party also gave us the opportunity to reflect on just how far we’ve come in the last year!

A birthday gift of grass-fed tallow from my Primal Shift Podcast Co-hosts Jo and Ivy was what initially sparked my skincare journey.

My Birthday present from my Primal Shift Podcast Co-hosts, Jo & Ivy...this might seem a little crazy but it was a perfect for the very tallow-curious  person I was!
My Birthday present from my Primal Shift Podcast Co-hosts, Jo & Ivy…this might seem a little crazy but it was a perfect for the very tallow-curious person I was!

And in a little over a year, I went from being the slightly weird one with food intolerances and sensitive skin who was smearing beef fat all over my face, to having a beautiful and unique skincare range on the shelf of the Paleo Cafe.
One that is getting fantastic reviews from those who have used it!

This kind of journey doesn’t happen alone though.
I could not do this without my husband Andrew, who readily loves me and supports anything and everything I do (without regard to how much of his personal time and hobbie time gets chewed up!)  He ensures that everything is lined up along they way, so we can progress to the next step and picks me up when I’m feeling down or doubtful.
However, as we don’t know our P&L’s from our elbows, neither of us could have done this without help from our good friend David. Whose business acumen has been absolutely invaluable.

Ecology Family and Friends
Ecology Friends and Family

Thanks also go to all of the Ecology Guinea Pigs over the last year:

  • Good friends Jo from Eating Well Out, Ivy from Paleo in Melbourne & Charby from The Ancestral Body, who all have little stacks of tins sitting in their respective bathrooms or scattered around their houses because I’ve excitedly given them a new one each time I’ve tweaked the formulation! …And who have also been pioneering different uses for the Ecology Creams from keeping frizzy hair in check, to shining newly shaven heads and softening cracked heels incased in woolly socks
  • Our immediate and extended families who have used the Ecology Creams on their babies, dry and sensitive skin, peeling hands, psoriasis, curly hair and even to Andrew’s Nan who is vegetarian and still loves her Ecology Cream!
  • The Melbourne Paleo Meet-up group who were my first customers and Phase III human trialists
  • Sonia and Nat at the Mornington Crossfit box, contending with sniffy doggies who were interested in their newly moisturised legs
  • And, all of the Paleo bloggers, who I’ve sent out Ecology Creams to and who have shared their experiences on social media to their friends and followers…thanks guys!!

Also thank you to the local businesses who contributed to the door prizes on the night:

Thank you to everyone who came along to help us celebrate on the night and also to those who could not be there but were there in spirit!


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