How to Create Instant Calm in a Busy Day

Are you one of those women who feels like there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything?

Like many of us, you’ve probably had to become the queen of multitasking
…and when people ask you how you are, you say, “good” or “busy”

I know what that’s like!

Here at Ecology, we’re not just all about skin care!

So, in this self care video and blog series, we’re going to explore how important it is for you and for all of us busy women to take some time out for self care.

To say yes to yourself for once, instead of just yes to everyone else.

And, to create some self care habits and rituals in your day that will leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed, and in control of your life without feeling guilty about taking that time out.

So you can love the life you’re in and live happier in your own skin!

…and we’ve got some really great tools and products to help you with that!

I know what it’s like trying to manage the chaos of your to-do list, working full-time, kickstarting a business, taking care of family, meeting social expectations, and keeping a tidy house. And that’s before you add taking care of children into the mix.

It’s really amazing what we women can get done in a day!

But at what cost?

All of this can leave us feeling beyond tired, not sleeping well even though we’re exhausted. And feeling like we can’t cope without sugar, caffeine, or alcohol to prop us up …and sometimes all three!

We get stressed out and overwhelmed.
You might get that tight, anxious, panicky feeling in your chest, or get easily irritated and snap at little things. We can wind ourselves up so tightly …and in my case, I blew up my stress balloon so far, that it really affected my health. Sparking an auto-immune condition, food intolerances, and skin issues.

And I know it’s not just me.
We’ve been listening to you ladies …and what you’re telling us is you really want to be able to take some time out for yourself (without feeling guilty about it) …but it’s hard to find the time to schedule it in.

So, your self care timeouts have to be quick, and they have to be easy!


How to let air out of the stress balloon quickly and easily

I’m going to help you let some air out of that stress balloon with a quick and easy self care habit for instant calm.

…and that is to punctuate your day with short, mindful pauses.

It could be as simple as just stopping and mindfully tuning into your 5 senses for a minute.
Noticing what you can see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.
Or taking a 3-Minute Breathing Space

It doesn’t have to be long, but every time you take a mindful pause, you let some air out of the balloon, and you flick your nervous system from fight or flight over into rest and digest.

One of the quickest and easiest mindful pauses is to just stop and take 5-10 nice, deep belly breaths.

We so often march around with our tummies all tucked in tight, and breathing really shallowly all up in here, in our upper chest and shoulders.

Step #1 – Is to relax. Drop your shoulders… 

You might be surprised at how high your shoulders had actually crept up, next…

Step #2 – Relax your tummy. Just let it soften out like a big Buddha belly.

Put one hand on your tummy and one hand on your chest. And just notice the movement of each of your hands as you breath in and as you breath out.
Breathing in, letting your soft Buddha belly expand with the in breath.
Noticing the hand on your tummy just softly pushing out. And breathing out, noticing your hand coming back in.

Step #3 – Take 5 nice, deep belly breaths

You can do this wherever, whenever, as many times a day as you need to. You don’t even have to put your hands on your tummy.

Now, ask yourself, “How am I feeling now?”

A little calmer? A little clearer?

You’ll find this is a super quick and easy way to let some air out of that stress balloon so you can feel calmer and more in control. It’s easy to do, but it’s also easy not to do.

So, give it a go this week. Have a play with different ways you can prompt yourself to punctuate your day with mindful pauses.



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    In upcoming videos and blog posts, I’ll share with you some of my best tips for how you can manage your to-do list in a more fun, and rewarding way without burning yourself out. And also, a self care product that will really help to take the air out of your stress balloon, you can find more details about that below.

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    And remember, you don’t need to go big or go home.
    You’re one woman, not Super Woman!


    Check out the next Video and Blog post in this Self Care Series and learn the Secret to Managing your To-Do List without Burning Out

    Wishing you silky smooth skin,


    2 thoughts on “How to Create Instant Calm in a Busy Day

    1. Jacqui Hamilton says:

      Really great little video, i enjoyed listening to this. I took a few minutes to breathe today while at work and the results were outstanding, i really did start to feel less stressed and more relaxed. I have put a reminder in phone to do this every day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

    2. Kylie T says:

      Thank you for sharing all of this with us; it really makes such a difference, life-changing and inspiring.

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