As someone who has problem skin and incredibly sensitive skin, I feel like I’ve tried just about everything on my skin over the years, in an effort to either “fix” my problem skin or to hide it.
I had acne and eczema right throughout my teens and twenties and although it was up and down …it was always something I felt very self-conscious about.
And I’m certainly not alone in this.

40-54% of us have …or have had adult acne, 25% of us have dermatitis and 11% have eczema

Then there’s premature aging, those fine lines and wrinkles that a lot of us get down about when we spot them in the mirror.

Interestingly enough, I cleared my skin up, quite by accident when I started eating a Paleo diet over 5 years ago.

I lost quite a bit of weight, felt better, looked better, I was sleeping better, had more energy and my acne and eczema cleared up, which was awesome!

And for me it was a logical progression to then look at the “skin-foods” I was putting on my body and to effectively pick up the Paleo template and apply it to my skincare products.

If we’re going to all that effort to source really high quality Paleo and organic foods, it makes no sense to continue regularly washing, spraying or moisturising our bodies largest organ, our skin, with chemicals…right?

So I started looking to natural skincare products.

Now that’s not the end of my story, I didn’t live happily ever after eating Paleo foods and using natural skincare.

About a year after “going Paleo” slowly, slowly I started getting my symptoms back.
Acne and eczema reappeared, bringing with them bloating, constipation, anxiety and food intolerances to foods high in histamines and salicylates, which are naturally occuring chemicals.

And it was so frustrating, right?

I’m eating the best diet in the world, so why was this happening?

As it turns out …I wasn’t managing my stress properly.
There’s a really tight connection between our skin and our minds.

If our thoughts and feelings are pushing us into a fight/flight stressed, overwhelmed and anxious state for most of the day – all that excess cortisol activates inflammatory cells in the skin, leading to inflammed skin and skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriais.

This is why I’m so passionate about taking a holistic approach to caring for our skin!

It’s not just about what we slather on the outside (although that’s important!) So is nourishing our bodies with anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense, whole foods, nourishing our hearts and minds with practices that reduce stress and tension and also nourishing our skin with products that don’t stip our skin of its natural oils and work with our skins natural functionality.

Now I was totally caught between a rock and a hard place. Eating a Paleo diet, meditatiing and practising mindfulness but still finding it extremely difficult to source Paleo-friendly skincare products, that met my personal standards and that my incredibly sensitve skin didn’t react to.

And so I realised I would have to start making my own skincare myself, so I began experimenting!

The Ecology Creams were originally created in my kitchen, and are among the few moisturising products my sensitive skin will tolerate.

I went right back to traditional principles, and looked at what our great grandmothers would have used on their skin

After much research I found that not only do these really traditional Paleo type foods nourish our skin from the inside, they are also deeply nourishing when used topically. Especially natural fats like the grass-fed tallow which is hypoallergenic, low salicylate and contains a lot of the same fatty acids that are found naturally in our skin and our skin oils.

When I started giving my home-made Creams to family and friends who also had sensitive skin, their feedback was fantastic!
But then, amazingly, when I started giving them to family and friends who didn’t have sensitive skin…. they also loved that the Creams made their skin feel so soft and smooth! …And they wanted more!
So Ecology Skincare was born. Tried and tested on myself, then family and friends. Now available to you.

Now I would love to hear from you guys!

Leave us a comment below …ask us questions! Tell us what frustrates you with your skin! What you’re struggling with and what you’d like to see on offer at Ecology Skincare!

Wishing you silky smooth skin,






    • Crystal says:

      We would recommend trying the Replenishing Cream with Emu & Olive. The hero ingredient, grass-fed tallow closely mimics that fats and oils found naturally in healthy skin. So this cream helps to support skin’s natural functioning, keeping allergens and irritants out of skin and keeping moisture in, it also does not have any essential oils that may potentially irritate skin. The feedback we have from other customers with psoriasis is that this cream is really helpful in calming the itch. Hope this helps! Crystal

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