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Here’s 5 Reasons Why Women are loving Ecology Skincare’s Natural Tallow-based Moisturisers for Softening Sun Damaged Skin in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond

#1. Healthy skin needs healthy fats – like those in grass-fed tallow

Grass-fed tallow contains the same fatty acids and cholesterol we have naturally in healthy looking skin.

So grass-fed tallow can help support our skin’s barrier function to hydrate dry sun damaged skin and calm redness and itching for soft, smooth, healthy looking skin.

(not sure what grass-fed tallow is? …it’s like emu oil, but it comes from healthy grass-fed cows – so this isn’t for our vegan friends)

“…after using these products, my skin feels smoother and more hydrated. Dry sun damage seems to be improving” ~ Julienne, Dry Skin Trial Pack

#2. Plump, hydrated and beautiful looking skin at every age

When skin is dry, any pigmentation, dark spots or sun spots will ‘stand out’ more. And as we get older, we produce less of the fats and oils that keep our skin soft, supple, hydrated and healthy looking.

Because grass-fed tallow contains those same fatty acids and cholesterol – it can help plump the look of dry skin, hydrate itchy, scaly skin and soften the look of sun damaged skin and sun spots.

(when skin is hydrated and healthy looking – sun spots are less noticeable)

Having said that, we think healthy skin is beautiful skin – with or without sun spots!

“I am nearly 60 and have a few sunspots, one on my nose that I hate. This cream has reduced the darkness of the pigment so it’s not as noticeable. Nice to know that it’s all natural so avoiding chemicals in my daily routine!” ~ Deb, Revitalising Cream

#3. A little goes a long way for itchy, scaly, sun damaged skin

Our Ecology Moisturisers are 100% natural fats and oils – no water, no fillers, no preservatives.

Which means our Ecology Moisturisers are rich and highly concentrated to better soften and protect dry skin, calm itching and replenish sun damaged skin.

“Some nights I was having difficulty getting to sleep due to the aging sun damaged skin on my back being itchy. In the past few years I’ve used different creams to soothe the itchy skin but none were now effective. I saw a recommendation for Ecology and purchased the Dry Skin Trial 3-Pack. Success with each of the creams! I now have the larger tins and drift off to a restful sleep. Thank you Ecology!.” ~ Kathryn, Dry Skin Trial Pack

#4. Lasting hydration so you don’t have to keep applying multiple times a day

So many rich creams can feel greasy on the skin. And others feel like they disappear as soon as you rub them in – leaving skin feeling dry again in no time.

The Ecology Creams are rich, without being greasy and leave skin looking and feeling soft and silky smooth for hours.

“I have sun damaged dry skin. I have tried many moisturisers but none lasted the day. Tried your trial pack & have just reordered. My skin is so hydrated now & I’m getting lots of compliments. Love the fragrance as well. It’s a win win recommendation from me !” ~ Josephine, Dry Skin Trial Pack

#5. A good multi-tasking, ‘everything’ balm

Sun spots? …our Ecology Moisturisers can help them look less ‘noticeable’ 

Itchy skin driving you crazy? …yup, they can help with that too

Dry, scaly arms and legs? …yes, amazingly helpful for softening and smoothing scaly skin

Skin barnacles? …you’d be surprised!

“I won’t be using anything else, my skin is hydrated, age spots disappearing, couldn’t recommend highly enough” ~ Dale

Don’t just take our word for it…

Meet Betty – “I was having dry skin break outs that became very sore… I guess being in my late 70’s, but it was getting worse with everything I try”

“My face was so dry and sun spots from being a child of the 40’s and 50’s. Used different products to no avail. Had one burnt off, but the skin was so dry around it. My doctor prescribed me some liquid that I tried and had to peel off.
 My first lot of Ecology was my savior… slowly it is working. Still have flare ups, but as soon as I apply Ecology my skin settles down. I am using the Rejuvenating Cream. I’m finding this settles my skin down where my sun spots and really dry skin are, it is helping as it’s not tender or sore.” ~ Betty, Rejuvenating Cream

Meet Debbie – “Amazing!”

“I’ve attached this image of before and after shots of my face to show just how amazing your rejuvenating day and night cream is for age spots. I was becoming so self-conscious, and it took a good 6 months to get these results but so worth it! My skin never feels dry anymore either and it has a more youthful appearance. I love it! Thanks so much.” ~ Debbie, Rejuvenating Cream

Meet Rosslyn – “I’ll be using this for the rest of my life”

“The best thing that’s happened to me so far… there’s been a couple of sun spots which has made me very self conscious… it was looking quite nasty and dark and it’s such an improvement and I’m so happy with it. I can’t recommend this highly enough.” ~ Rosslyn, Daily Moisturiser with Hemp and Nerolina

Meet Tracey – “This is a lovely product. My skin is clear and soft.”

“I am 61 and have had a lifetime of enjoying outdoors, swimming and the sun. I’m fortunate to have olive skin, but I’ve noticed over the last few years that as we move from summer into winter, that my skin looked drier and had sunspots appearing. Within two weeks of using this product I saw an improvement in my skin so much so that I immediately bought a large container! I use it twice a day and am also applying it to my hands.” ~ Tracey, Rejuvenating Cream

Meet Leonie – “Highly recommend this product!!”

“I have had extremely dry sun damaged skin from always living in Queenslands sunny weather, I’ve tried many skincare products and none of them had any lasting hydration effects at all. Until now, ecology’s moisturiser is fantastic, my skin is NO longer tight, dry or angry, my rosacea has calmed and even the dry sun spots on my bottom lip is clearing up!” ~ Leonie, Daily Moisturiser with Ylang Ylang and Kakadu Plum

“I have ultra sensitive skin and have shopped far and wide for suitable products. I originally purchased your travel size moisturisers for travel only.
I went to the local Sun and Skin Care clinic for appraisal. They recommended the removal of a couple of suspect moles, followed by treatment for sun damage. I had the moles removed. Two weeks later I returned for the sun damage and the doctor was surprised. He said that I no longer needed treatment. It could only have been your moisturiser.” ~ Stephanie, Sensitive Skin Trial Pack and Replenishing Cream

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