Have red and easily irritated skin? eczema? breakouts? fine lines? sun spots? skin barnacles? ...and nothing’s helping?

I would love to help you!

I’m feeling for you… I have super sensitive skin and a history of dermatitis and hormonal breakouts – so I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve tried ‘everything’ and nothing works!

…that’s why I started Ecology Skincare in the first place and I’d love to help you calm or soothe problem skin and try to get the results you’re looking for…

I’m looking for people with a visible skin concern who are up for the challenge of trialling our Ecology Skincare products for a minimum of 30 days and taking both ‘before and after’ photos and videos – to share your thoughts and results.

To take part in our 30-day Challenge, you’ll need to:

  • Have a clearly visible skin concern like – eczema, dermatitis, redness prone skin, rash, hormonal breakouts, rosacea, fine lines, cracked skin, skin barnacles, sun spots, wounded skin that’s healing, burns, post-radiation or post chemo damaged skin, easily bruised skin or super dry and dehydrated skin
  • Take a ‘before’ photo + record a short 15-30 sec ‘selfie’ video telling us about your skin and how it makes you feel and submit both of these to us
    (you’ll be able to do that when you click through on the button below – don’t worry, we have some tips and suggestions on how to do this when you click though)
  • Be willing to stick to a personalised skincare routine of Ecology Skincare products for a minimum of 30 days (and know that some skin concerns may take longer to see results – don’t worry, we’ll work with you) 
  • Take an ‘after’ photo + record a short 15-30 sec ‘selfie’ video telling us how your skin has changed over the 30 days and how you feel now
  • Be comfortable with us sharing your before and after photos, videos and stories on our website and marketing

If you’re selected to take part in our 30 day challenge, we’ll gift you with:

  • A free personalised skincare pack to use over the 30+ days (valued at $40 – $55)
  • A $100 store credit when you submit your ‘after’ photo + ‘after’ video at the end of the 30 day challenge
  • The opportunity to score extra store credits for submitting little extras like – extra pics on days 3, 7, 14 and 21, a first impressions video, unboxing video and answering a post-challenge survey

If you’re interested in entering the 30 day challenge, please:

  • Click the ‘Enter the 30-Day Challenge’ button below to check the tips and suggestions for your ‘before’ photo and video
  • After clicking the ‘Enter the 30-Day Challenge’ button, fill in the form and submit your ‘before’ photo (making sure it clearly shows your skin concern) and your short 15-30 sec ‘selfie’ video
  • Take our Skin Quiz and get your personalised product recommendation

Please note there is a limited number of people we’ll be taking into this 30-day challenge and if you are successful we’ll contact you by email to let you know what the next steps are. By taking part in the 30-day challenge, you agree that your images, videos and stories will be shared on our website, social media and promotions.