As a big thank you to those who love our Ecology Skincare products want to share that love with your friends and family, we’ve put in place a “Refer a Friend” Program!

With this “Refer a Friend” Program, you get to offer someone you care about a Gift Voucher for 5% off their first Ecology Skincare purchase and you will receive a $5 Reward Voucher to go towards your next Ecology Skincare purchase …it’s a win-win!!

We love that we can now show our appreciation and give back to you as a HUGE thank you for your support! …with an added perk for your friends and family! 

How This VIP Refer a Friend Offer Works

  1. When you want to share Ecology Skincare with someone you care about, simply put their details in the form below and click “Send my Friend a Gift Voucher” 
  2. They will get an email from us offering them a Gift Voucher with a 5% discount on their first Ecology Skincare order from the Ecology online shop.
    *this email is generated from within the program and your loved ones details will not be kept on file or shared to the Ecology Skincare email list
  3. Your loved one will have 30 days to take up your shared offer and when they do, you will get an email with a VIP Reward Voucher for $5 off your next Ecology Skincare purchase from the online shop…WOO!!
  4. Your VIP Reward voucher is valid for 30 days and you can use your vouchers cumulatively.




Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a registered Ecology Skincare Customer with an Ecology Account
  • The friend you’re sharing this special offer with must not already be an Ecology Skincare customer in our customer database
  • Gift Vouchers and Reward Vouchers must be used within their expiry dates. There can be no time extensions



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