Hi Ketogenic Switchers,

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A Free Facial Konjac Sponge



100% Vegetable Fibre Sponge Just add water for gentle cleansing For All Skin Types including Sensitive For glowing radiant looking skin  




100% natural vegetable fibre sponge for cleansing


This cleansing option will be perfect for you because:

  • You just add water to cleanse: Taking a cleanser out of your routine will help reduce your chemical exposure and potential for skin irritation
  • It's super soft: And ideal for sensitive or delicate skin

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Why everyone’s loving the Ecology Moisturisers…

Compare the difference Ecology made to this customers right hand only half an hour after applying. Left hand: No Ecology Moisturiser

What makes these Ecology Moisturisers
so very different to anything else you've tried?

It's our Hero Ingredient...


Grass-fed Tallow is like emu oil...but it comes from healthy grass fed cows
A by-product of the Australian organic food industry,
this ingredient is incredibly ethical and sustainable

  • Closely mimics fats and oils found naturally in healthy, youthful skin
  • Deeply nourishing for dry skin
  • Softens and smooths appearance of fine lines
  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, & K
  • Balanced in Omega 3's and 6's
  • Non-greasy, unlike coconut oil
  • Leaves skin looking hydrated and feeling silky smooth

Here's what people are saying:

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"...just the process of putting it on my skin, I just love and my skin just seems to drink it up! It just feels gorgeous ...and my skin just seems to love it... So I can't speak highly enough of the products, I love them"

~ Bridget Wood, Nourishing the Mother

“...I wondered if I could put it on my skin and if that would help?
And I did, it helped it go away and now I have rash-free arms! I Love it!
It's for babies but not only, it's for me too" 

~ Carla Papas, Merrymaker Sister

"My skin has been amazing since using it. It's part of my morning sensuality routine, really just integrating myself in my body and skin. And I just feel shiny afterwards.
So, I love it"

~ Julie Tenner, Nourishing the Mother 

"...you only need to use a little bit, which I find is really great as well. So, it goes a long way. Put that on at night, and then when I wake up my skin is smooth, and soft, and silky. It's amazing. And I also use it on my feet as well, especially when I've got heels on, you get the dry, yucky bits on your feet, the ball of your feet, on your heels."

~ Bibi Lafluer, entreprenuer

“I have a 5-year-old who has really extreme eczema, especially around his joints, like elbows and knees. And I have to put cream on him and I hate it because it's really painful. And I found with Ecology, he loves it and he lets me massage it in and he just lays there and enjoys the massage. And it really softens his skin. It doesn't make him itchy."  

~ Emma Fox, son has eczema

"...this one little 'pot of magic' I call it, that does kind of everything for me. So I use it as my face cream, it's my hand cream, my lip balm, I use it on my feet. It just comes everywhere with me ...my complexion is more even, I feel likes it's really hydrated, but without being too heavy, I can wear it under my makeup ...I just love it"

~ Kirsty Underwood, Vitality Kitchen