Now that you have a handy Bathroom Detox Checklist, you’ll be able to see which of your daily personal care products you need to switch out.

So you can reduce the chemicals you’re exposing yourself to on a daily basis.

It’s the same 2 step process as cleaning up your diet.

Remember, the first step was ditching the crappy, highly processed foods that contain numbers, colours and preservatives.

…and the second step, was adding in the nutrient dense, whole foods and real ingredients.

STEP #1:

Is to print out your Bathroom Detox Checklist and one by one, pick up your current personal care products and run them through the checklist.

I’ve got a big brand moisturiser here that I picked up from my local pharmacy…

This moisturiser contains:

  • cyclohexasiloxane – that’s a siloxane
  • parrafin / mineral oil – petroleum based products that can be potentially contaminated with carcinogens …but can definitely form a barrier on skin and interfere with skin’s natural functioning
  • PEG-100 stearate and PEG-20 stearate
  • triethanolamine (TEA) – this is a skin, lung and eye irritant
  • drometrizole trisiloxane – another siloxane
  • methylparaben, ethylparaben – preservatives that have been associated with skin irritation and contact dermatitis and suspected to interfere with hormone function
  • parfum / fragrance – the most innoccuous seeming ingredient… but fragrance or parfum is an umbrella term for 1,000’s of different undisclosed chemicals that can cause skin irritation an have been linked to potential hormone disruption and cancer

So this is a BIG, really well known brand of moistuiser and it’s not great from an ingredient perspective.

Based on this checklist, we would be ditching this moisturiser and switching it out for something else! 

So now to Step 2…

STEP #2:

Is to use these 3 Rules of Thumb to help you choose a more natural moisturiser and other personal care products…

3 Rules of Thumb


When we look at the back of a packet, box or tin of food we like to see a nice short ingredient list.

The same goes for your skincare, so choose products with a shorter ingredient list.

Keep in mind that some of the ingredients contribute to the function of the product, some to the feel of it and some to the fragrance. When we strip products down too much we can end up compromising on the way the product feels or performs.


As with food, ingredients in skincare products are listed in order of highest quantity to lowest quantity.

In her book “Healthy Home, Healthy Family”, Nicole Biljsma reports that the “first third of ingredients on the label account for up to 95% of the contents of the product. The second third of the chemicals represent 5-8% and the last third account for 1-3%.”

So definitely scrutinise the top 1/3rd of the ingredients list more than the bottom 2/3rd’s of the list! 

Check the ingredients on the label against our Bathroom Detox Checklist, the Chemical Maze app and the EWG Skin Deep database …and choose how “natural” you want to go. Which ingredients will be a no-go for you?


Like food, go for organic where possible, but be aware that “natural” can be a fairly loose term.

Look out for the words “derived from a natural substance” on the label, this usually indicates ingredient has been processed, refined or interfered with in some way.
This is what’s known as ‘green washing’ in the skincare industry.

For example, sodium lauryl sulphate (derived from coconut) is made by adding sulphuric acid to coconut…not fantastic!

Some labels might have the common names you recognise AND big words or long names (maybe in bold or brackets). For example, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil.

Don’t worry, the big words are just the botanical, chemical or INCI names for these ingredients.

…and look for products that contain essential oils and plant extracts over the words fragrance or “parfum”


So, with your Bathroom Detox Checklist and your 3 Rules of Thumb for reading labels, you can begin reviewing your current skincare products and looking at which ones you’ll switch out first.

The next step is choosing more natural skincare options to replace those products with.

A great place to start is with your moisturiser.

Big brand moisturisers typically have a LOT of ingredients in them, including preservatives, fillers and emulsifiers – many of which will be in your Bathroom Detox Checklist.

In contrast, our Ecology Moisturisers contain only a handful of natural ingredients you’ll be able to recognise (so there’s less chance of skin irritation and no more wondering what you’re putting on your skin)

The Ecology Moisturisers soothe sensitive skin, deeply nourish dry skin and smooth fine lines leaving skin looking and feeling silky smooth …and leaving YOU feeling more confident and happier in your own skin. 


Want to try an Ecology Moisturiser?

Why everyone’s loving the Ecology Moisturisers…

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What makes these Ecology Moisturisers
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It's our Hero Ingredient...


Grass-fed Tallow is like emu oil...but it comes from healthy grass fed cows
A by-product of the Australian organic food industry,
this ingredient is incredibly ethical and sustainable

  • Closely mimics fats and oils found naturally in healthy, youthful skin
  • Deeply nourishing for dry skin
  • Softens and smooths appearance of fine lines
  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, & K
  • Balanced in Omega 3's and 6's
  • Non-greasy, unlike coconut oil
  • Leaves skin looking hydrated and feeling silky smooth

Here's what people are saying:

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"...just the process of putting it on my skin, I just love and my skin just seems to drink it up! It just feels gorgeous ...and my skin just seems to love it... So I can't speak highly enough of the products, I love them"

~ Bridget Wood, Nourishing the Mother

“...I wondered if I could put it on my skin and if that would help?
And I did, it helped it go away and now I have rash-free arms! I Love it!
It's for babies but not only, it's for me too" 

~ Carla Papas, Merrymaker Sister

"My skin has been amazing since using it. It's part of my morning sensuality routine, really just integrating myself in my body and skin. And I just feel shiny afterwards.
So, I love it"

~ Julie Tenner, Nourishing the Mother 

" only need to use a little bit, which I find is really great as well. So, it goes a long way. Put that on at night, and then when I wake up my skin is smooth, and soft, and silky. It's amazing. And I also use it on my feet as well, especially when I've got heels on, you get the dry, yucky bits on your feet, the ball of your feet, on your heels."

~ Bibi Lafluer, entreprenuer

“I have a 5-year-old who has really extreme eczema, especially around his joints, like elbows and knees. And I have to put cream on him and I hate it because it's really painful. And I found with Ecology, he loves it and he lets me massage it in and he just lays there and enjoys the massage. And it really softens his skin. It doesn't make him itchy."  

~ Emma Fox, son has eczema

"...this one little 'pot of magic' I call it, that does kind of everything for me. So I use it as my face cream, it's my hand cream, my lip balm, I use it on my feet. It just comes everywhere with me complexion is more even, I feel likes it's really hydrated, but without being too heavy, I can wear it under my makeup ...I just love it"

~ Kirsty Underwood, Vitality Kitchen 

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