There are two processes in the body that can seriously speed up the visible signs of aging on our skin. These two processes are Inflammation and Oxidation So what are these processes? How do they age us and what can we do about it? “Inflammation is your immune system’s response to any problematic substance that […]

Vanilla is a beautiful ingredient …it’s aroma is warm, sweet and rich. The aroma of vanilla has even been shown to lift mood and generate feelings of wellbeing and calmness! Vanilla also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which can help to soothe and calm irritated skin and help with wound healing. This is why we […]

These Easter chocolates are not only super delicious, but they’re also made with real food and contain the added benefits of gelatin. A good quality gelatin powder is a wonderful source of important nutrients for your gut, skin and heart. So yes, that means these particular Easter treats are actually good for you! Derived from […]

Your bathroom cabinet is full of carefully chosen, natural face and body care products. Your daily beauty rituals are fit for the likes of cleopatra yet you struggle with re-occuring acne, rosacea, eczema or maybe even body odour and bad breath that leave you feeling extremely frustrated and bewildered. If this sounds all too familiar […]

On this episode of Mind Body Beauty, we’re talking how and why our poo and bowel habits can affect our skin and our healthy glow with the lovely tea drinking yogini, Lynda Griparic. We chat about how constipation can even drive skin issues like acne and rosacea …and also what you can do about it. […]

What if the products you’re using on your skin – the mass produced commercial cleansers and moisturisers – were actually making your skin issues worse? What if those products were drying out your skin and contributing to redness, irritation, acne and speeding up visible signs of aging? It boggles the mind doesn’t it? Here’s another […]

Wintery conditions can play havoc with our skin! The cold, dry air and biting winds can pull water from the surface of your skin, where it evaporates into the air, leaving your skin feeling dry and open to the processes that can speed up visible signs of aging. Not only that, hot air from the […]

As someone who has problem skin and incredibly sensitive skin, I feel like I’ve tried just about everything on my skin over the years, in an effort to either “fix” my problem skin or to hide it. I had acne and eczema right throughout my teens and twenties and although it was up and down […]